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US military leaders warn troops against ’sedition and insurrection’

US military leaders warn troops against ’sedition and insurrection’

All eight military leaders in the joint chiefs of staff condemned the rioting at the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump and warned service members not to do anything to hinder Joe Biden’s inauguration. In a letter signed by all the services chiefs, they said: ’Any act to disrupt the constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath; it is against the law.’

Tom A
Tom A
ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

And they had to remind Pelosi that disobeying a sitting Presidents lawful orders is a Military Coup. Something Pelosi actually asked them to do.

Kurt 1 weeks

Why is the Washington Times listed as “right”?

Kevin 1 weeks

how completely insulting to the Troops of this nation the brass hats in The Joint Chiefs are not the military it's the soldiers Sailors and Airmen who are the military of this nation

Nunya 1 weeks

The constitution is a useless document at this point. It has either given us the government we have or been unable to prevent it. Either way it's not worth the parchment it's written on.

Jay 1 weeks

Ooooooh now we’re going to recognize the law! Ya think it’s a little late? Where were you concerned imbeciles when they lit DC on fire! Total kunts!

Brian 1 weeks

These Generals here generally screwed their Nation The Constitution and the Men and Women who Serve this foregoing Once Great Nation. Failed to back the President with Known Fraud and Violations of Constitutional Law. The Soldiers of All Military Branches should follow the Constitution and Remove Said Corrupt Joint Chiefs then the Corrupted Politicians Judges. If Egypts Military Can remove Obama's Muslim Brotherhood then by God and Bullets, so can ours.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

I enjoy the idea of highly intelligent and career soldiers being given leadership rolls, because planning and organizing with the other branches can help us to effect a robust defense of our country. However, by and large the individual soldier will have serious moral qualms about being deployed against its own citizenry, not to mention the absolute quagmire of legality and ethics. Also, to anyone that thinks drone strikes and napalm are effective at controlling a recalcitrant population, let's look at the Korean War, the Vietnam occupation, the Afghanistan occupation, the Iraq occupation, you get the point. If you want compliance you need boots on the ground. If you want death and destruction then you need nuclear bombs but then what are you in charge of? Who wants to be the leader of an irradiated field of glass?

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 weeks

Fantastic. They need to hold ground at the capitol those domestic terrorists will be out again and we will see what happens. Hopefully the military won't have to use deadly force but they might.

Charles 1 weeks

Capitol Riot Denial Step one: Blame Antifa/BLM Step two: if they didn't do it, justify the violence.

David Webb
David Webb 1 weeks

US military has been taken over from within a very long time ago.

Mutatis 1 weeks

I am not sure which is worse, that the military leadership watches CNN or that they apparently have so little faith in those they lead.

jamie 1 weeks

Someone needs to remind law enforcement apparently

Trevelyn 1 weeks

Untill you give a unlawful order .Then they can turn it down .

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