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SCOTUS reinstates restrictions on abortion pill

SCOTUS reinstates restrictions on abortion pill

The SCOTUS reinstated a requirement that women visit a hospital or clinic to obtain a drug used for medication-induced abortions. The ruling granted a request by the Trump administration to lift a lower court’s order that had suspended the FDA rule requiring in-person visits, allowing the drug to be posted or delivered.

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 2 months

A visit for this kind of medicine is not like going to the doctor for a renewed prescription. If you're pro-choice that's fine that's your right but to insinuate that somehow a woman's rights are being trampled by requiring an in-person visit for an abortion pill is improper. This isn't an allergy medicine or migraine pills or something.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

"Safe and rare". This falls under that statement. Over the counter abortion pills are easily abused intentionally or mistakenly. Taking multiple is dangerous. The doctor prescribed means the doctor can talk to you and make sure you understand the side effects and the dosage. As much as I disagree with abortion pills, this is not stripping women of rights. Its not a right to have an abortion. You do, however, have body autonomy, which permits you to NOT have sex. But, of course, how unrealistic of me.

Foy 2 months

Oh how horrible for women. They have yet another hurtle to jump in the way of murdering their child.

Jellybean 2 months

No different than most other drugs.... It's not for treating a cold or headache. Taking this stuff wrong or too late in a pregnancy can have really tragic bad results for the lady attempting abortion.

Boo 2 months

Jimmy Doore - are you happy now.

Doug 2 months

People of Praise and their ilk win (:-(

Slava 2 months

If only his mother had had access to one of those pills. The world would be a better place.

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