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Social media platforms maintain Trump ban after Capitol riot

Social media platforms maintain Trump ban after Capitol riot

YouTube has suspended President Donald Trump’s Channel for seven days; citing concerns that his inflammatory rhetoric may incite violence amongst his supporters. In Texas yesterday, the President ended his Speech by saying: ’The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden Administration; as the expression goes, be careful of what you wish for.’

Tom A
Tom A
Bernice 2 months

Oh wow, even You Tube! Why are they so afraid of having Trump and his supporters speak? They can speak and it’s up to the people to believe or not.

Silver 2 months

Oh but don't worry, it is all simply private companies exercising their right to not provide service to you. No pattern whatsoever.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 2 months

The tech Lord's have spoken! They Fear Trump! So the tech Lord's act like they know what and who we should listen to. Big Brother has spoken! DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER!

Tj 2 months

Sorry, Dear Leader is not above the law, nor is he above the voluntary TOS. Here is your intro course to online Consequences. Look mom, FLOTUS’s cyber bullying initiative is working. Now go cry a river somewhere else.

Jay 2 months

Any half skilled thinker can easily understand the control these big tech snowflakes need in order to feel validated. Recently closed FB Twatter YouTube Amazon Instagram and linkin. Twatter, FB and Amazon lost billions and are losing more! What’s more important ? You guiding yourself or mark zuckerburg and Jack Dorcy telling you what to think and say

Clyde 2 months

Not sure why so many are having trouble understanding this, you spread lies and incite violence it is a violation of the terms of service, and after repeated warnings he has been banned for helping to organize an attack on the United States...anyone doing this would get banned... pretty simple to comprehend.

Brian 2 months

Yes, freedom is not Free and will never be allowed to live under Chinese Rule. Oh sorry I meant Biden Administration. Speech dead 2nd soon to be dead America dying fast

David 2 months

De-douchebagging all media platforms. Every person who can think and read should support this effort.

Shaun 2 months

Trump will have his own channel, it’s the next step. It will help him pay off his debts by having ignorant people to pay to hear his propaganda. It will be marketed as getting the truth that the fake news media won’t tell you. They will bypass big tech and the radical left by starting their own channel and it will create jobs for the loyal losers in his administration who can’t get a job because of their behaviour while serving in the Trump administration. Trump TV is comingl

Arthur 2 months

So when antifa post their call to revolt or as they call it protesting Facebook and Twitter will take down their accounts also?

Lee 2 months

The icing on top will be when the Southern district throws him in jail.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 2 months

It is so funny to me that the same group of people who claim the media is filled with lies, and should be taken off the air, complain when someone who lies constantly is taken off of platforms. Spreading misinformation shouldn't be allowed no matter who or what it comes from. Try to be consistent people.

Viviko 2 months

Yet, the lame stream media has been inciting violence through their bias reporting leading to riots and looting, and pitting the populous against each other for more than a decade now. Where is the censorship on that?

Morbo 2 months

Trump has no right to be on the worlds 2nd largest search engine. Just because Google lets terrorists, dictators and Pierce Morgan post on Youtube doesnt mean it should allow orange man to say things like "lets march to the senate and peacefully protest!" the bastard! If he wants to reach an audience of billions he can just create his own Youtube, on his own webhosting server with his own ISP cause the left hates the right and dominates media, tech and now speech.

Not-Illuminati 2 months

It looks like YouTube removes and disabled viewer comments on his videos too. This guy has really angered Big Brother.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

l_o_s-e_r p_r_e_z_i_d_u_n_c_e_s never win and usually get fired.

David 2 months

This just goes to show how much power big tech can hold over anyone. Whether you agree with the action or not. It’s even more effective when coming from multiple platforms. I’m not a fan of trump personally but the action doesn’t justify the means. I fear there will be a negatively cascading domino effect

Ricardo 2 months

It is obvious that this is not about avoid spreading violence. Silencing a candidate that got 74M votes is a demonstration of power. The big tech cartel has the power to silence politicians no matter how popular they are. Politicians must decide if they want to keep being used and disposed by big tech or not.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

prez__r_a_tfoooker = twice impeached enema of the state

Alex 2 months

He hasn’t even posted anything inflammatory on it.

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