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Lisa Montgomery executed after US Supreme Court vacates stay

Lisa Montgomery executed after US Supreme Court vacates stay

Lisa Montgomery became the first woman on federal death row in 67 years to be executed. She was given a lethal injection Wednesday. This came after the US Supreme Court vacated the stay by a judge, who said Montgomery’s mental health needed to be assessed before taking the decision to put her to death. Montgomery killed a pregnant woman in 2004, cut the baby from the womb and passed it as her own.

Tom A
Tom A
MyVoice 2 months

Whatever her mental state and whatever the abuse she experienced throughout her life, killing her will not be a deterrent to others. The usa kills killers but you still have the highest murder rates in the world and the answer to reduce this is elsewhere.

Duncan 2 months

The real concern is why it took 17 years to kill the bitch. Waste of money and time. Trees are plentiful and ropes are cheap.

Dyslexic Hashtagger
Dyslexic Hashtagger 2 months

I don't know what's with the talk of women being less violent than men. From my experience, women are WAY more crazy and violent then men. Unfortunately, men are just more capable and strong enough to do way more damage. There are exceptions, but that's the rule. Now, queue the equality comments (haha)...

Trevor 2 months

Good to see our court system follow through on that.

OmegaDMM 2 months

Womb raider, kek.

Conner 2 months

Man, it's 2020 and they're still executing people

cooldude 2 months

She must of been one sick female dog to do that.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

one less cockroach

yuyu 2 months

I thought crimes like that happen only on primetime television, intense.

Alex 2 months

Why is this news?

Doug 2 months

Funny how the SCOTUS suddenly found their spines and did their job.

hugh 2 months

Why haven't I seen a bunch of people begging for her life on social media?

Cole. 2 months

YES finally some equality in the judicial system!

Jallal 2 months


Satan411 2 months

Satan supports executing anyone, anywhere, for any reason

Martin 2 months

Good! Nuf said...

Anonymous 2 months

She was evil... Now she's dead... Nuff said.

Mozgus 2 months

No women executed in 67 years? Sounds like female privilege.

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