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Powell’s Books says Andy Ngo’s book will not be sold in store

Powell’s Books says Andy Ngo’s book will not be sold in store

Powell’s Books announced that the Portland bookstore will not sell the book ’Unmasked’ by conservative writer Andy Ngo in store. ’This book will not be placed on our shelves. We will not promote it. That said, it will remain in our online catalog,’ the chain said. This comes after a crowd of protesters gathered outside the store Monday. The anti-antifa book is scheduled for release in February.

Tom A
Tom A
الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

Freedom of speech !!! Unless it goes against my particular beliefs!! Always remember books = bad!!! Burn 'evil' books for the sake of the world! Sieg Heil

Montgomery 1 weeks

They will break your bones and put your family in hospital ... all to force love and acceptance into you ... or just to get you to do their bidding

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 weeks

Interesting, no condemnation, no calls to remove AOC from office, no doxing of the individuals, big tech hasn't banned anyone associated. Almost as if the left has an... Agenda

Bernice 1 weeks

So, the articles here say that Powell’s closed early for safety reasons and that they likened carrying Andy Ngo’s book on exposing Antifa similar to carrying Rushdie’s Satanic Verses in which Islamic terrorists sent the book store bomb threats. Interesting...

Newme 1 weeks

Where is the mob and corporations identifying these people and making them lose their jobs ?

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 1 weeks

A group of white people screaming that an Asian man’s words should not be allowed... how 1880’s of them.

skrappjaw 1 weeks

Andy is not a conservative. I submitted an edit to the summary. He is a gay Asian who was violently beaten by antifa extremists and he still worked undercover to expose them.

Matt 1 weeks

Bend the knee to the fascists, I guess. There are far worse books to burn, if we're going to burn books.

justsayin 1 weeks

Trouble in Portland? Shocking! 🤣 The land of the white yuppie hippies that claim to be liberal, but somehow are simultaneously known for racism and segeregaton. Attended a Lake Oswego high school basketball game a few years ago and they had an all white team playing an all black team. To make matters worse, the white kids were the home team and had white uniforms , so the bulldog white moms were screaming “go whites”. It was horrible. I felt like I was at a klan rally!

skrappjaw 1 weeks

I've tried to post this multiple times but it won't come up. Andy is not conservative. He was assaulted by antifa. They called him a white supremacist yet he's not even white or straight. Nuff said when these hypocrites who claim to defend minorities then assault someone like Andy.... All he did was infiltrate and go under cover to expose their organization.

Shamura 1 weeks

Imagine a bunch of nazis protesting a local bookstore for selling books about Auschwitz because it exposes nazis, and then have the bookstore comply with them. This is the same exact thing. Prove me wrong without whataboutism.

Messatsu 1 weeks

Wasn't there a political party in Germany during the 30s and 40s that thought that burning books was a-okay as to deny citizens to partake in things counter to the party's agenda? I'm sure there was something like that going on, what was the name of that party? I can't remember it for the life of me..

Seekster 1 weeks

What if people who oppose Antifa are the real anti-fascists?

Rick 1 weeks

So would an anti-antifa book really just be a book that's pro-facist? Double negative logically means your pro fascist

tyler 1 weeks

This is ridiculous. They have the right to sell the book if they want to. We can't start banning books, regardless of what we think about it. This is a very bad road to go down.

Lloyd 1 weeks

Yes, kowtow to a bunch of mindless, communist idiots. THAT will make things better. Make sure to keep selling "Mein Kampf", morons.

David 1 weeks

Perhaps they should hold a huge torchlit rally, pile up all offensive books in town square and burn them. Oh wait, that's what the Nazis did. Just ban them, that's way different.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

Good, No one has the right to make a business provide a service for you. Fascists and apologists should be ostracized from the rest of society.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 1 weeks

yeah that gay Asian guy is definitely a fascist

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 1 weeks

It’s absurd to me that we even need to discuss what it means to be anti-anti fascist. Do people realize what they are saying? Has everyone lost their minds? America is inherently anti fascist. Get with the program, ANTIFA is an ideology more than anything else and is meant to stand up for Democracy. Sure, there are bad actors that have caused Problems but fundamentally ANTIFA is something that all Americans’ should chose to align with and embrace. Unless of corse you don’t understand what fascism is. In this case - google.

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