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Israeli airstrikes in east Syria kill dozens

Israeli airstrikes in east Syria kill dozens

Israeli night raids targeting arms depots and military positions in eastern Syria killed at least seven Syrian soldiers and 16 allied fighters. The Israeli air force carried out more than 18 strikes in an area stretching from the town of Deir Ezzor to the Iraqi border. Paramilitaries belonging to the Hezbollah movement and Fatimid Brigade, made up of pro-Iranian Afghan fighters, operate there.

Tom A
Tom A
Trevor 2 months

It's escalating more and more. I take all internet stats with a grain of salt but these numbers are staggering I just can't see how we support Isreal so vehemently in their military action if these numbers are to be believed.

Bill 2 months


systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

The wars will never end.

Doug 2 months

They just never learn to leave Israel alone.

Barry 2 months

What happened to all those peace agreements?

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