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Luxembourg, EU snub Pompeo in final Europe trip

Luxembourg, EU snub Pompeo in final Europe trip

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled his Europe trip n Tuesday after Luxembourg’s foreign minister and top EU officials declined to meet with him. The extraordinary snub comes in wake of the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of President Trump. Pompeo had sought to meet Jean Asselborn in Luxembourg, before meeting EU leaders and the bloc’s top diplomat in Brussels.

Tom A
Tom A
E n
E n 2 months

Pompeo has been snubbed before, he's a terrible diplomat.

Doug 2 months

Typical behavior from eurotrash.

bogdan 2 months

EU branded foe by the USA at Vladimirs request. Two psycho seeing themselves as Ribbentrop and Molotov.

Glen 2 months

Their waiting fot Hunter Biden, they know he can be bought. Plus he has a direct connection to the next President, who they know can be bought.

Carolinian 2 months

It's not everyday that Europe does the right thing, but they treated this lying, cia-neocon, warmonger right. Trump should've sacked him the day he sacked Bolton. He just surroundad himself with one neocon warmonger after another. Attaracting neocons & doing their biddings were my biggest disapointments with him.

Doug 2 months

Who could have imagined Luxembourg would have such power.

Edge 2 months

They know he has no power anymore and that this would be a waste of time. Simple as that.

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