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Global mistrust could weigh on vaccine rollout: Opinion & Survey

Global mistrust could weigh on vaccine rollout: Opinion & Survey

The rollout of the coronavirus vaccine is facing a hurdle across the world, due to a waning trust in governments and all types of media. Edelman’s CEO commented that last week’s storming of the Capitol building in Washington and a survey from Nov 2020 that suggested only a third of people are willing to get a COVID-19 vaccine straight away, ’crystallize the dangers of misinformation.’


Of course it's the 'misinformation' that is making people lose trust in media and politicians! Nothing to do with their own behaviour whatsoever! All we need to do is liquidate the sources of incorrect thinking and people will trust their betters again!

Donald 2 months

SMART PEOPLE do not want to be guinea pigs for a Great Reset funded agenda experiment!

Charlie 2 months

Why is the picture the pope/ some priest?( I think Not Catholic don’t really pay attention to him so no idea if that’s actually him”

Mark 2 months

The survey is from Nov 2020, before vaccine rollout. The "crystallize the dangers of misinformation” is an opinion of the CEO since the protests at the capitol building.

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