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Authorities arrest man seen wearing ’Camp Auschwitz’ shirt during Capitol riot

Authorities arrest man seen wearing ’Camp Auschwitz’ shirt during Capitol riot

Robert Keith Packer, who was seen sporting a ’Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt during the U.S. Capitol riots last week has been arrested in Newport News, Virginia. He is currently facing federal charges of unlawfully entering a restricted area and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. The image of the shirt attracted indignation by social media users globally.

Glen 5 days

This is where Demacrats want to ship all Repubicans. The reporter from Public radio basically said. He believed Republicans should be put in internment camps and re-educated to think like liberials, he also said: that all the children with conservative parents, they should be taken away and put into re-education camps. This is the hate garnished by the Demacratic party. They believe that their opinions are the only ones that counts. Disagree, you will be punished.

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 5 days

I'm Jewish and not that outraged. Its pretty vague and could be interpreted a number of ways. I rather live in a country where he can wear the shirt then can't.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 days

Im bothered they call that a shirt....thats a Hoodie you plebs.

Pryotra 5 days

Apparently, it's now violent entry if you are let inside. If so, we need to circle back and round up those Kavanaugh Protestors. Also, apparently it's bigger news to have a edgy Graphic on your hoodie/shirt than to be arrested for protesting at Capitol Hill. Welcome to 2021!

MyVoice 5 days

This guy is one of Trumps fine people. He said he loves them. Realistically how much jail time is he looking at ?

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 5 days

I don't get it, what is that shirt supposed to accomplish? Sure, it falls under freedom of speech. Keep in mind, freedom of speech does not include freedom from consequences. Not illegal though. I assume he did do something illegal, to get arrested, but that has nothing to do with the shirt.

Charles 5 days

Capitol Riot Denial Step one: Blame Antifa/BLM Step two: if they didn't do it, justify the violence.

Seekster 5 days

Edit: I have just been informed that the turd had "Staff" written on the back of the shirt. In that case yes its antisemitic. Was there some kind of anti-Jewish image on the shirt? The simple mention of Aushwitz isn't antisemitic but all the news sources seem to swear up and down that this guy hates Jews because of his shirt. Thus there must be something I am missing about this story.

Alyse 5 days

Lock them all up for their act of terror. Also the trolls have really come out to play today in the impeachment/riot comment sections.

Aleks 5 days

Some of the comments people make here are pretty bad. Is this your distasteful sense of humor? Would you make the same comment for real in front of people you know? Do you really believe in what you are saying?

Jay 5 days

But they don’t arrest their own who are more crooked than anyone else on the face of this earth!

Patrick 5 days

You think he's sitting in jail right now saying to himself, "winning"?

Girthquake 5 days

Can't handle the drip

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 5 days

Saw that on some videos. I’m disgusted they even make a shirt for that. Pretty disgusting.

Doug Star
Doug Star 5 days

this g_a_r_b_a_g_e wrapped in human skin needs to do 20 yrs in the can.

David 5 days

Horrible human being.

ben 5 days

What does it even mean?

Gerardo 5 days

Who’s defending this guy...cmon your out there

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 4 days

Look at the title. Then look at the charges against this man. Then notice what's happening, say read the comments. Then draw your own conclusions as per your own world view. Mine is that God didn't help America this time, big time.

eclipseNF 5 days

That's where we will all be going soon

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