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Man accused of threatening to shoot Pelosi brought 2,500 rounds of ammo

Man accused of threatening to shoot Pelosi brought 2,500 rounds of ammo

A Colorado man accused of threatening to shoot House Speaker Pelosi after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot arrived in Washington, D.C., with more than 2,500 rounds of ammunition. Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. is also accused of possessing a Glock pistol, a rifle, several high-capacity magazines and at least 320 rounds of ’armor-piercing’ rounds. Meredith was arrested Jan. 7.

Tom A
Tom A
Viviko 2 months

Well, I’m not a fan of Pelosi myself. To be honest, I kind of think a lot of the older politicians just need to retire and let younger blood run the show. But, wanting anybody “gone” is a bit extreme.

Charles 2 months

Capitol Riot Denial Step one: Blame Antifa/BLM Step two: if they didn't do it, justify the violence.

Kathy 2 months

Speaking/ tweeting to an audience including such extremists and asking them to protest. What was Trump thinking? He cannot conveniently play down his role in instigating the violence. He's been doing that for weeks now

FishyMacaroon6 2 months

2500 rounds isn't really all that large of a purchase, especially considering he has multiple firearms chambered for different rounds. And "armor piercing" doesn't really mean anything. Virtually all center fire rifle rounds will go right through the soft armor common in defense details. "High capacity magazines" is fear mongering at its finest. They were likely 30 round standard capacity magazines, and if they were actually "high capacity", like 60 round drums, they are heavy and don't work reliably. People that don’t know anything about guns really shouldn't write about them. It just confuses people.

a commoner
a commoner 2 months

Hes a sad sick man. Just like the guy who shot at the republican legislators when they were practicing for a ball game years ago. One crazy person does not mean a whole group of people are like that. It's also true on the liberal side if you discount blm and antifa

David 2 months

Ok everyone blame one party when you know damn well both parties are to blame. It wasn't a Trump supporter who shot at congressional softball players, it wasn't Trump supporters who harrassed members of the cabinet wherever they went. Then ignoring the burning & looting all year. We're all to blame, unless you're too stupid to understand.

Garthak 2 months

The real story is that he got all that ammo. Where I am ammo is scarce, and what ammo there is, is way overpriced. How much did he spend?

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 months

Two rounds and keep your yap shut. Looks like his real intention was free room and board for the next 10 to 20.

Tiggs 2 months

Ah ! So this is where they got the idea that Democrats wanted to put the radicals in camps... *sigh* ... I think perhaps the entire country needs a technology detox for about a month, and if that doesn't work maybe license to use the Internet. You can't get a licence until you can prove you have the mental capacity to comprehend reality 😂

I Just hate
I Just hate 2 months

Not enough bullets to even wound the witch. Remember over half her body is plastic and various implanted items.

Mike 2 months

Remember when the Trump supporter shot up a Republican softball game?..just kidding, that was a democrat

Dustin Rios
Dustin Rios 2 months

This man brought 2,500 rounds to make damn sure

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

"There are plenty of Minutemen. People willing to be Minutemen. Where are the people that want to be George Washington? Where are the Benjamin Franklins? Where is Sam Adams? Where is John Adams?" ~ Beck

Brutus 2 months

I support all forms of peaceful protest!

PappaOwl 2 months

Dang do you have any idea how hard it is to get 9mm right now. Jk

Mutatis 2 months

"The FBI said Meredith arrived at Washington DC after the protests had already begun but as soon as he arrived, he attacked an unidentified man. They claimed he got out his car, head-butted the man, knocked him down and assaulted him on the ground before fleeing in his vehicle." Lol what?

Omega 2 months

2,500 rounds of ammo? Seems overkill...

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

nice fellow. Will become prison puzzzy real soooooon!!!

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 2 months

M855 is not an AP round.

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