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House moves to impeach Trump after deadly Capitol riot

House moves to impeach Trump after deadly Capitol riot

The House of Representatives is on the verge of impeaching President Trump for the second time. The House started debating the ’rule’ governing the parameters of the impeachment after 9 a.m. E.T. Wednesday, after which it moved forward with two procedural votes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to open the debate on the impeachment resolution before a vote on impeachment.

Kevin 3 months

Crazy Nancy back to same old same old, how about a budget Nancy or how about cutting taxes how about term limits, how about reducing yours and all of Congress tax paid checks while millions are out of work how about stop using social security as a slush fund

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Just how bad does Pelosi and her lickspittle crew have to act before the American public says, "Enough!"?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

Didn’t Nancy try to inact a coup against this President just last week? Isn’t that an offense that reaches high enough to at least get her removed from office? Links below... Just so you all know I submitted this last week. To my knowledge NEWSVOICE has not yet posted it...humm.

the terrible rabbit of death
the terrible rabbit of death 3 months

Remember when a Bernie supporter killed a Bernie rival... Was Bernie sander was held accountable? Remember when Maxine Water incited her supporters to creata a crowd and intimidates Republicans... Was she held accountable? Remember when the media said protest didn't have to be peaceful... Where they held accountable?

Citizen 3 months


Glen 3 months

Socialism has become a cancer to our society. This is the beginning of Communism and complete control of the American people. Worst of all, liberals have bought into this. Freedom is in jeopardy and these people are totaly blind and excepting this. America is being brought to its knees. When people wake up, it will be to late, are freedoms will be lost.

Andrew Nigo (Nytro)
Andrew Nigo (Nytro) 3 months

He's not gonna be in office any longer after a week or two. This is just as pointless as it was in early 2020.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 months

People are forgetting the capital police OPENED the gates to let them in. It was a set up against trump. Its on video and the FBI has already confirmed that the rioters were antifa not trump supporters. Pelosi is power hungry and just hates trump for no apparent reason. She needs to be fired for abuse of power as speaker of the house.

Thierry Roy
Thierry Roy 3 months

Nothing will come of this

Highlander 3 months

They are terrified of him evoking the insurrection act and holding military tribunals. They are also terrified of him running again. Right now he is the only person in America of ever winning the presidency for the Republicans.

Bradley 3 months

can someone tell me the point of impeachment with a week left until trump leaves office? are they planning to remove him from a position he doesn't hold anymore? i don't quite understand the consequences of impeaching former president

ttocsick 3 months

Should read...The House impeach Trump after another deadly constitutional disregard of the rule of law

Patrick 3 months

He (Orange Toad) set a precedent. That HAS TO BE DEALT WITH... First and foremost.

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