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Incumbent President Museveni to face Bobi Wine in Uganda presidential election

Incumbent President Museveni to face Bobi Wine in Uganda presidential election

Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni is facing challenger Robert Kyagulanyi, a singer-turned-politician who is known by his stage name Bobi Wine, in the hotly contested presidential election in Uganda. Museveni, 76, says he is standing for stability in the country while Kyagulanyi, 38, says he is representing Uganda’s youth. Museveni has ordered the internet to be shut down during the election.

Alex 2 months

This sounds tyranical, but let's recount what Uganda has likely seen from the internet in the past 4 years: the bias destruction of people's reputations based on criteria that seems normal if not encouraged in the context of certain other groups that go completely unchecked, the censoring of entire groups or ideologies, the outright banning of key political figures, election meddeling from foreign countries, doxxing of key political figures, and regular calls to violence that are regulated on one side and allowed to go rampant on the other. Uganda does not want the poisonous internet culture that Western culture has created. They do not want to be sucked into the division we've sown, and don't want our problems being thrown upon them. I think Uganda is fully justified in keeping the internet out of their election process.

Doug 2 months

And Big Tech won't be there to influence the election. Other nations need to follow Uganda's lead.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months

Democracy in action! May the mighty and glorious nation of Uganda rule of a thousand years!

Jackson 2 months

They both look like Jojo characters

james miller
james miller 2 months

In Scotland, the presidential challenger's name sound like Male urine! Lol!

Montgomery 2 months

Same tactic that was used in America

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