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Two off-duty Virginia cops charged for taking selfie inside Capitol during riot

Two off-duty Virginia cops charged for taking selfie inside Capitol during riot

Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson, two off-duty policemen from Virginia’s Rocky Mountain Police Department, who took a selfie in front of a statue inside the US Capitol during the attack on the building last week were arrested and charged with knowingly entering a restricted building illegally, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. They were later released on $15,000 bonds.

Matthew 1 weeks

You are cops...COPS. How are you not aware that taking pictures of your face, while breaking the law, is a bad idea?

Glen 1 weeks

I always thought the congress was the peoples house. Who represented the people. Now all it is , a place for politicians go to represent their party. And to hell with the people. Freedom in this country has been lost, because all these politicians failed our country.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

The guards let people in. It's going to be difficult to prove that just being in the building was a criminal act... Unless there's video of them forcing entry.

Rocky 1 weeks

Kind of hard to make a trespassing charge stick when they were allowed in/invited in by the police.🤷🏾‍♂️

Beijing Binden
Beijing Binden 1 weeks

Why was no one fired or arrested during the invasion during the Kavanagh confirmation 🤔. The burning down the black church next to the white house and trying to breech the fence🤔 The over taking of a police station in Seattle 🤔

Doug 1 weeks

So the capitol building is restricted even though it is owned and paid for by taxpayers. No wonder Americans see politicians as some unapproachable elite.

oumono 1 weeks

Is it just me but if I am not mistaken. The Capitol building is a public building with restricted areas... you are allowed to not only enter but protest in the building.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 weeks

Good anyone who was in there should be immediately fired from their job and blasted all over social media to make sure their reputation is ruined so they cannot work. These ppl are traitors to the country they claim to love but clearly do not.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

2018: People protest cops 2019: People kill cops 2020: Cop kills people 2021: Cops Cop Cops.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Indict, Prosecute, Convict, Imprison

SD 1 weeks

Lock them up.

Paul N
Paul N 1 weeks

I thought it was a riot or inserrection? Stopped for selfies along the way.

Trevelyn 1 weeks

If he was ANTIFA or BLM Democrats would have posed with him .

So 1 weeks

'Suspected Agent Provocateur' John Sullivan Filmed 'Instigating' Capitol Protesters to Commit Crimes.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Some pigs are more equal than others.

Ranger 1 weeks

Should fire them both and pull their police credentials so that they can not have the chance of being a police officer ever again any were

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