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Snapchat to permanently ban Trump’s account the day he leaves office

Snapchat to permanently ban Trump’s account the day he leaves office

Snapchat announced that it will permanently ban President Donald Trump’s account on January 20 – the day he leaves the White House. Snapchat had indefinitely suspended Trump’s account last week after the storming of the US Capitol by a mob of his supporters. Snapchat said it took the decision ’in the interest of public safety and based on his attempts to spread misinformation and incite violence.’

Hylton 2 months

America the land of the free and the home of the brave. No wait the land of stealth fascism, and the home of cleverly disguised totalitarianism You have to be brave to be free, back in the USSA

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Imagine a hypothetical person, a reasonable individual and perhaps a moderate centrist. This person hears "Donald Trump incited a riot," and they think "hmmm, I'd sure like to hear the main source and listen to the speech so I can know exactly what Trump said." So this person hops on the internet to look up the information, but lo and behold, the only way to find imagery or videos of Trump is to go to a foreign site like bitchute or an archive machine. If someone is less than familiar with the internet, it will be difficult even to access the oft-misquoted speech. This is the goal. Certain information is on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know. If you can't find the source, then you must accept the distillation of whoever is at the wheel. That's the point. Prediction: swamp creatures will attempt to manipulate ISPs to block, ban, hide, deny, or obfuscate an American's access to foreign websites that still host Trump's material withing two months of Biden's asterisk presidency. Miss me with that "muh private company" nonsense.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 2 months

The interesting thing is that the “storming” of the Capitol happened BEFORE he held his speech in Washington DC, but somehow the “followers” was following his “instructions” to “storm” the Capitol... And there’s NO VIDEO EVIDENCE of him egging them on so this must be the most high profile non crime trials that has ever happened... But the Democrats are convinced that he’s soooooo dangerous! Maybe they should spend less time looking into the mirror...

Samuel 2 months

Welcome to America where fighting for the right of freedom of speech is now “racist”

Andrew Nigo (Nytro)
Andrew Nigo (Nytro) 2 months

What is banning him soon as he leaves office gonna do? It's about as pointless and unnecessary as the second impeachment.

Mathis 2 months

All antisocial people who never talk to anyone talking about how Snapchat is irrelevant and no one uses it lmao

Jack K
Jack K 2 months

Break them up already, holy shit. This can’t stand

S 2 months

Irrelevant social media app seeks free news media advertising by banning Donald Trump. Job cuts and bankruptcy to follow.

Thomas 2 months

So, if Trump's political career and legacy are destroyed, why impeachment? Obviously, something else is going on.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 2 months

Big tech companies are not "private companies," they are "public corporations." They are publicly traded on the NYSE. That said, even though they aren't government entities, the constitution still acts as an ultimatum that all US companies should abide by. Public corporations especially must be less restrictive of their access than private companies,because they have stockholders that literally anyone can participate in. They are beholden to those stockholders, and actions like this violate their responsibility to serve everyone equally that can be a stockholder. I can buy Amazon, Google, Twitter, or Facebook stock. They are not beholden to the CEOs, the CEOs are beholden to the stockholders. If I were to buy their stocks, and they deplatformed me for being Conservative, that would be a violation of their duty to non-discrimination, and they should be fined... not per section 230, but as discrimination as a publicly traded company. They "should" all be open to litigation now based off-of openly discriminating against protected classes (political, race, sex, and religious affiliations).

Laura 2 months

Wow! I didn't realize people had no means of communicating before social media came along. I wonder how politicians were able to be elected before privately owned companies with terms and conditions provided them an opportunity to get their message to the population 40 characters at a time.

godhillie 2 months

This scares me more than the failed coup attempt last week...This coup has already been successful without us even knowing!

ken 2 months

It's to bad that they don't care about stopping child porn or sex trafficking the way they stop our President. They should be ashamed of themselves. Or is it that they are part of that problem? Makes a person wonder if these tech sites and the people that run them such as Zuckerberg are nothing more than pedophiles themselves.????

iTeraByte 2 months

This is actually quite hilarious. I’m certain some will make claims of censorship and/or 1A, but this isn’t that. It’s a service provider who has the right to select who uses their services, no different than the one bakery some years back that denied making a cake for a same sex marriage.

Doug 2 months

Of course they are. It's a Commiefornia company that has tencent as a shareholder and has a joint venture with NBC. What did you think they'd do?

Mar10 2 months

Tiktok should do the same and ride the PR bandwagon... snapshot...I didnt know it still exist.

Ryan 2 months

People still use snapchaf ?

Nautilus 2 months

For what violation? This is coordinated censorship and sets a VERY bad precedent.

Joyce 2 months

Censorship. Will make your clients leave your platform

David 2 months

Free enterprise. No one is entitled to social media. It isn’t a right. Jeeez, get over it.

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