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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says banning Trump was ’right’ but ’dangerous’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says banning Trump was ’right’ but ’dangerous’

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has said banning President Donald Trump from the microblogging platform was the right thing to do. However, Dorsey acknowledged that the ban was in part Twitter’s failure as the company hadn’t done enough to encourage ’healthy conversations.’ He also said the ban ’sets a precedent I feel is dangerous.’ He said ’extraordinary circumstances’ forced Twitter to ban Trump.

Something Witty
Something Witty 2 months

Slippery slope. All that’s been proven in my eyes from the last year is that what the right has been saying for years is true. It didn’t have to be, but it was made reality.

Matt 2 months

Your corporations are bigger than the government. This is the future the Democrats worked for. What are they anymore?

Viviko 2 months

You know something is wrong when you have to explain why a decision is right. I have a feeling some favors were exchanged between the Politicians and big tech... Like maybe postponing the break up of Big Tech if they just shut Trump up?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

I was watching the House vote yesterday on the Impeachment articles, and I forget his name, but one rep literally stated that if Vice President Pence did not do his biding, then he should be tossed out of government... go rewatch. It was within the last hour or so.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 2 months

Jack should of just said that it is not in his financial interest to ban anyone. He would of gotten a much better reception.

Fred V
Fred V 2 months

Jack is a POS.

DScott 2 months

We gave Tech the keys to the castle. We used Twitter like some sort of public utility so politicians could speak directly to us. We gave tech section 230 because we said “you are an open park where people say what they want.” Big tech is now purging if you don’t confirm to their hyper politically correct leftist view of the world. Now what happens? The internet will need to fragment that is if Tech who controls app stores and cloud servers even lets us

Rocky 2 months

The right choice if he wanted to commit corporate suicide. Stocks are STILL in freefall. Twitter is collapsing after shedding 50% of their site traffic. They have destroyed their market value and destroyed their ad revenue by killing traffic. I think it was the right decision too because it will likely be the end of the disgusting anti-american business.

Tiggs 2 months

The best thing I heard from him then was that he acknowledged that his company had not done enough to promote healthy conversations. Moving forward I hope that he will adapt his company to prevent it happening again.

_tallman 2 months

Yea and he's also saying Uganda's banning of social media during their election is a "threat to the idea of an open internet"

Hayden 2 months

Where has the all the faith in free market gone? All the people demanding stricter regulation are the ones who used to throw around words like communist and socialist for leftists.

tw_cc 2 months

It's a tough call but we know better than you peons. We protected you from harming yourselves and will continue to take this difficult responsibility of protecting you idiots from yourselves!

Big 2 months

Jack is an ass....Jackass...

Kevin 2 months

this is such hypocrisy the Ayatollah can tweet but the president of the United States cannot are you kidding me and parlor you're telling me these bastards have the legal right to shut down the voice of 15 million people

Sh 2 months

There was a guy in Germany named Quisling did a very similar thing sold everybody out.

AntiBS 2 months

Dangerous yes, right not at all.

Aleks 2 months

I see the point about censorship and everything but I am kind of happy that we do not have to read trumps idiotic tweets all the time. He is a lame duck president anyway so it is about time that he goes out in silence

Seekster 2 months

Nobody is buying the hand wringing act.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

"Hate Speech" is speech Jack hates.

Marvin 2 months

Twitter is commey

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