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WHO experts arrive in China’s Wuhan to search for Covid-19’s origins

WHO experts arrive in China’s Wuhan to search for Covid-19’s origins

A World Health Organization team of experts has arrived in China’s Wuhan to start its investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they will rely upon evidence provided by Chinese officials. The team’s arrival comes after months of negotiations between the WHO and Beijing. The WHO earlier said China was blocking the team’s entry, but Beijing said it was a misunderstanding.

Morbo 1 weeks

In unrelated news, the CCP sentences a Tawanise female journalist to four years imprisonment for investigating the source of the out break.

OmegaDMM 1 weeks

A year after known release and now they get to search. Well this will turn up nothing. Then China gets to blame the myriad of countries it assumed of giving it to them. For example the USA, Italy, India, and possibly South Africa (info on the African accusation is hard to find).

David 1 weeks

They be on it! And relying on information provided by Chinese officials. They might as well of just called and asked if it started there.... No, it didn't, ok thanks China. It's just part of the charade as we move closer to becoming more like the CCP.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Scientist team: we have found no evidence of bat-to-human transmission, but we have found massive evidence of lax security and containment protocols at a biology studies laboratory and we also found these glass vials in the dumpster out back marked "Secret bio-weapon." China: we have not found your airplane tickets out of the country, but we did find a nice room for all of you in the cotton picking fields in western China marked "joyful camp for deradicalization."

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 weeks

How the holy f have they taken this long? It only started a year ago, you know. That said, it's an awesome team the WHO have assembled so if the Chinos are fkn about, they'll know. And we'll know about it one way or the other.

Montgomery 1 weeks

So they will rely on evidence as given by ccp officials.... this is the same ccp officials that claims it started in Italy and who have a economic war against Australia because they had the guts to claim that the wuhan flue started in wuhan... My account will probably be deleted because I stated this.... so been nice getting to know you interesting folks...

ben 1 weeks

In an other story the Chinese government mistakenly released the final report by WHO early that cleared them of all wrong doing saying the the virus was released by Western imperialism in cahoots with Falun gong, Muslims and anti Chinese racists everywhere

Ellen 1 weeks

China: Ok. We’ve hidden all the evidence. You can come in now. World: oh thank you thank you. Given your past track record I know you won’t hide anything from us.


Let the awkward moments begin as WHO and CCP manoeuvre between making the WHO appear objective while simultaneous avoiding offending their CCP masters. Does anybody really expect the CCP to come out of this looking culpable for anything? Meanwhile, the CCP’s banning of Australian exports has the favourable effect of weening us (yes, I’m Australian) off that poisonous regime. Many Australians feel a sense of being liberated from a dependency on a totalitarian state albeit with an understanding of the medium term adverse economic impacts.

Mar10 1 weeks

While there they found a big fat cheque and decided there's nothing here to see...

coughdrop1989 1 weeks

About a year too late dont you think?

Tony 1 weeks

The headline should read “the WHO arrives in China to cover up the Wuhan virus.”

Patrick 1 weeks

Hey we think something is fishy and suspect foul play. We're giving you 11 months to clean up the crime scene, then we're launching an investigation. HAHAHAHA!!!

Qanonsense 1 weeks

Lol what a farce.

Georgie Pineda
Georgie Pineda 1 weeks

I'll take anything that comes from that research with a bag of salt.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 weeks

My Son: hey dad, what does pandering look it? Me:

Cross1ve 1 weeks

Haaaaaaaaahahhaahahahh... Ahhhhahahhaaaaah. What a joke!

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 weeks

I am sure Chinese government officials will be completely honest as China has such a long history of telling the truth

Fred V
Fred V 1 weeks

A little late, thanks for giving them all enough time to clean up their mess

geckomba 1 weeks

Did UK manage to stop it covid strain to spread to other countries?

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