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15,000 National Guard troops to secure Biden’s installation on January 20

15,000 National Guard troops to secure Biden’s installation on January 20

Around 15,000 National Guard troops will be deployed for security in Washington, DC, during Joe Biden’s installation as president. This comes after the US Capitol was occupied by President Donald Trump’s supporters last week, in which unarmed protesters were killed. US Army officials are working with the Secret Service to determine which Guard members may need additional background screening.

Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael
Brian 3 months

Hopefully the National Gaurd will remember their Oath and remove the illegitimate Biden Administration from Washington and all of Capital Hill.

Rocky 3 months

Of course they have to secure it with the military when it's the inauguration of an illegitimate president. That will always be necessary when you attempt to rule without the consent of the citizens.

So 3 months

'Suspected Agent Provocateur' John Sullivan Filmed 'Instigating' Capitol Protesters to Commit Crimes.

Bryan 3 months

It seems to me that the accusers are the ones acting racist.

Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 3 months

This site is so pozzed, I don't know if they are afraid of getting parlored or not, but it has gone really down hill. Only establishment approved media, only titles and summaries that support the corporate narrative. Submissions rejected for bias, but bias in the titles for the correct side is fine. It's pathetic.

Glen 3 months

Demacrats are scared to death, what are they hiding now.

Paschal 3 months

This is not going to be considered a super spreader event for Covid-19 like they call the Trump rally?

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

Attn tramppansies: Please confront the troops in DC. Martyr yourselves. You'll get your "Kent State Moment" and go to white folks only Heaven asap!

Bryan 3 months

What I want to know is, what makes people think Trump is a racist? Are these true facts,coming from a centered source? Or,is it people running on there own thoughts and being convinced by there own thoughts,which are not really true facts in general,but,just outcries for what they have seen? Rioting, killings ect.? I've never heard or have seen Donald Trump being with "White Supremacy" or raising a Confederate flag or any of these things that people accuse him of?🤔

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