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Andrew Yang announces candidacy for New York mayor

Andrew Yang announces candidacy for New York mayor

Andrew Yang has officially announced his campaign to become the mayor of New York City. The move sets him up to join a crowded Democratic primary that will take place in June 2021. In a video message Wednesday night, Yang pledged to improve access to high-speed internet, ’take back control’ of the subway system and ’reopen intelligently.’

justsayin 1 weeks

I guess according to Biden he was the wrong gender and race to be Vice President. Good luck with the New Yorkers! Hopefully they are less sexist and racist!

Donald 1 weeks

Total shill! He fooled and funneled all the voters to Biden..or tried to. A puppet indeed!!! Sad sad sad

Seekster 1 weeks

Couldn't be much worse than the current mayor.

Gerardo 1 weeks

I wonder how many votes Rudy will get.... “trial by combat!!!” I bet Anything on Biden and Harris vs Trump pence and Rudy... 😂🏳️

Justyn 1 weeks

Fingers crossed he wins

Vark 1 weeks

Yang is a massive drifter who vocalized and helped leftist move to georgia to flip th3 state and showed them how they could do it and then move after the election. He did it too.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

Yeah, I hope he loses.

Willie 1 weeks

New York doesn't like people who make sense Mr Yang.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 1 weeks

Yang gang

Sasu 1 weeks

Go away, we don't need carpet baggers

David 1 weeks


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