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Biden hopes Senate can balance trial, other work

Biden hopes Senate can balance trial, other work

Reacting to the impeachment of President Trump in the House, President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday called on the Senate to work on other business while dealing with their responsibilities on impeachment. Biden has mostly stayed silent on whether he supported impeachment. An impeachment trial would likely take place during the crucial early days of Biden’s presidency.

Willie 2 months

If he cared about reality he would tell them to quit wasting time on a pathetic grudge against a dude who obviously did nothing wrong. Proven by the fact that they have to lie and twist his words to make him look bad. If he were so bad they would quote him directly and in context.

Rocky 2 months

That makes one of us. I hope the Senate never pass a single piece of legislation for the next four years. Biden has no good ideas for our nation and has sold us to the highest bidder. Under his administration it will be right back to war and might as well call it USA brought to you by the CCP.

TomandDaydie 2 months

Biden should be worried about being the next president to be impeached. Looks like all you have to do is have a rally to be impeached. We know there is more to it, but the lack of evidence. The anger is what brought Pelosi to ignore what is best for our country. If Biden does not fall in line with Pelosi's agenda he could be next.

Vark 2 months

The far left needs Donald trump to unite and legitmize their new mythos. They won't actually do anything quickly, they need fear-mongering and hate against trump. Just like they pretended to care about LGB rights for 40 years until they couldn't milk it anymore.

Rocky 2 months

Just read that the Republicans intend to impeach Biden on day one! A smart and appropriate move. This will be the new norm as every president from this point forward will likely face impeachment now that we have diluted it to apply without criminal behavior as a prerequisite.

Donald 2 months

Ashley Biden's diary was confirmed as real. Y'all have a PED0 as pres

Eric 2 months

If he was a real president elect he’d understand that we have no time for this circus anymore. That in a week he will be sworn in. A senate trial is going to be a complete waste of time. The Dems have worked for the past 4 years to get rid of Trump, completely abandoning America.

Viviko 2 months

... Yes. Politicians just be playing their games when the American people are already having a hard time. They only cared when they were directly threatened. Had the riots been somewhere else, like those BLM riots thst burnt down buildings, they’d still be on vacation today. I hope that “other work” he speaks of are term limits. These clowns need to be kicked out and executed for treason.

Marvin 2 months

After the steal

So 2 months

The stolen election and Chinese puppet pretender and his Neegrow cohort

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