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116 arrested in Belgium after protests over Black man’s death turn violent

116 arrested in Belgium after protests over Black man’s death turn violent

The prosecutor’s office in Brussels reported that four people, including two minors, remained in custody after a demonstration over the weekend death of a young Black man detained by police turned violent. Three of the individuals held were suspected of arson, and the fourth has been accused of rebellion. The police have made more than 100 arrests following the violence.

Tom A
Tom A
AD C 3 months

Real question, was there an actual modern day race relations problems in European countries before the 2020 BLM riots? Because as an American it seemed like it was only my contry's problem. Then activist in other countries started acting like there police were exactly like ours.

Jay 3 months

It’s been 7-8 months since I last logged into NewsVoice! Wow! NEWSVOICE .com turned one sided, pro corrupt, pro pedophile, pro big tech, pro overthrow, pro slavery, anti unity, anti love, pro violence

Montgomery 3 months

So in every country that has africa people, they are more likely to be killed by police ... and more likely to be involved in violent crime ... so that just proves every country in the world to be racist bigots, basically worse than Hitler

Billy 3 months

Slap em on the wrist, next time it may be someone close to you. Could've, should' ve, would've won't bring em back. Some people just won't learn.

Zion 3 months

The stats speak for themselves. And given that blacks make up just about 15% of the American population, you'd only need half a brain to see how bad this is.

david dindu
david dindu 3 months

I thought only americans are racist

Jay 3 months

I came to NewsVoice to read neutral opinions or real investigative sourced journalism! NewsVoice has neither! This platform will be a sinking ship like twatter , gaagle and Youdoomed! NewsVoice has become very unfair to the readers that built their base. These stories that are posted are gossip like the “National Enquirer” published back in the day. NewsVoice should at least mandate drug testing before they hire and random testing to current employees!

Doug 3 months

116? Who did they kill? Zwarte Piet?

Alex 3 months

The state of the world today...🤦‍♂️

godhillie 3 months

People fed up with injustice

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 3 months

Let me guess. It was those evil right wingers

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 3 months

Entitlement anyone?

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