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US rejects UN plea to reverse Yemen rebel terror designation

US rejects UN plea to reverse Yemen rebel terror designation

The UN urged the US on Thursday to reverse its decision to declare Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels a terrorist group to prevent massive famine and death in the nation. However, the Trump administration has rejected the request. The US deputy ambassador, Richard Mills, said the country will take measures to reduce the impact on aid deliveries and commercial imports instead.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 4 months

So US food packages is being used to fund terrorism Removing packages will force population to turn on terrorists Less Americans will die this way and America has no obligation to send packages If UN really wanted to keep the camps running they could have easily sent their own food, but they prefer to criticize America .... probably because it is cheaper, and they don't have to deal with the backlash of funding terrorism ...

Saul E
Saul E 4 months

This is heartbreaking.

Paul N
Paul N 4 months

The UN is full of one thing. Irrelevant ideas completely devoid of coherent solutions.

Billy 4 months

Only Jesus himself could fix the world of all its problems. I have a hard time believing in him. Man is inherently stupid.

ToBeOrNotToBe 4 months

This is not right. Political games starving children and idiotic westerners dishing out judgement on their high horses.

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