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Congresswoman Green announces plan to impeach Biden

Congresswoman Green announces plan to impeach Biden

Newly elected Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to file articles of impeachment against incoming president, Joe Biden. ’We cannot have a President of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments,’ Greene tweeted citing ’abuse of power.’ Greene is the first supporter of QAnon to win a US House seat.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Would expect nothing less from crazy conspiracy theorists.

David Foxfire
David Foxfire 2 months

That's the new normal, isn't it? All presidents get impeached now? That's the precedent.

Christopher 2 months

Great! Another QAnon whack job. Her brain is slowly decaying from the kool aide.

Chris 2 months

Wow! There is no limits to her ignorance, right here. Forget that she doesn’t have the votes, but she’s using the same allegations that the FBI found to be true about Trump in 2018.

Laura 2 months

I have an idea. Maybe instead of having a hearing to remove a man from an office he'll no longer hold by the time the it can begin, or calling for a hearing to remove a man from an office he'll just be entering, Congress could take up issues that are relevant to the citizens they're supposed to be representing. I know that impeachment hearings are better at providing an opportunity for jockeying for polical relevance and appealing to financial supporters at the base/fringe of your respective parties, not to mention the sound bites and interviews that provide free media exposure. But perhaps you could act as if any of you are in Washington for more than just your own personal and political gains. I know it's a radical thought but maybe just consider it.

frankie 2 months

She is delusional and I don't understand how she has a seat in the house. What does she mean by being bought off from foreign countries? I mean aren't we the United States of America the country that suppose to hold the highest values and every country tries to follow our footsteps but since Trump been in office, the world thinks the US is incapable. I remember when this covid-19 came about Trump called it a hoax and started blaming democrats and saying it was a flu etc etc, and other countries and looking at us for answers... the first country to go in lockdown was Italy not even the US. It's crazy man, very sad that we're suppose to lead this world and we end up messing it up with all the countries we have alliances with. But trump wanna play good guy with Russia and North Korea, but criticized Obama for opening up Cuba(to have some dialogue) Hands down when it's all said and done, Trump will go down as one of the worst president in history.

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 2 months

Not only do we have video and documented evidence that Biden is a schill for foreign-whores but people still believe there is a better case against Donald trump for Russian collusion than there is for Biden committing to a quid-pro-quo circumstance/promoting oligarchy from the White House. We really live in an idiocracy

Donald 2 months

Wait until we publish Ashley Biden's diary and mail a copy to every home in USA!

Juan 2 months

Qanon politician 🤣🤣 republicans cucking to the extremists now that daddy trump will be banned from politics. Lmfao what a joke

Ty 2 months

so if I understand correctly she's going to write impeachment articles not about stuff that he's done but about things she thinks he will do once president? Good luck with that

Billy 2 months

She is not living in the same reality as the rest of us. This is why we have to stop these Qanon people.

AntiBS 2 months

Won't go anywhere but still nice to give the Democraps a dose if their own medicine.

iTeraByte 2 months

The sum of these comments is rather depressing. Partisanship, media outlets, and politicians have really done a number on us all. I once read that 80% of the populace was moderate, having much common ground. However, it seems these last years have really driven a wedge between us. Regardless what side of the political spectrum, we must demand better from elected officials. I get it, many of you reject the existence of Russian interference despite IC’a finding, but this matter is utterly ridiculous. Biden hasn’t even stepped foot in the Oval Office as POTUS, yet this pol has decided to charge Abuse of Power in an seemingly preemptive Article of Impeachment. This couldn’t make the dysfunction of government any more clear. And, we the people, are too d@mn dumb to wake up and recognize the issue is us. We are allowing these shenanigans. The power of the government lies with the people, but pols realized the people are dumb, easily distracted by varying forms of partisan drama.

William 2 months

i mean, if we impeach Biden, Kamala will be the next sitting president, and i doubt anyone would really want her holding the office.

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 2 months

The division among Americans is impressive. If I was a conspiracy theorist nutjob I'd claim it's all a Russian and Chinese plan to divide the main super power of the world in order to get their hands in East Asia and Europe.

Salvador 2 months

AHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE - wow we are a laughing stock! She should be immediately fired for her incompetence and lack of critical thinking skills. She wields power yet she’s mentally incapable of enacting the will of the people.

Jude 2 months

Q-annon psychopathic standard. In the South a standard question when making marriage arrangements is which side of your family has the insanity. If both sides of both families have insanity then marriage can happen and you produce someone like Green. If someone without insanity on either side runs into another family with insanity on one or both sides it's a good time to leave and end arrangements.

Bryan 2 months

Abuse of power?? Thats BS cause he is not offically the president yet

John 2 months

People like her with their idiotic conspiracy theories that bring lawsuits and waste taxpayers money have no place in politics

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

Anyone who supported Trump's impeachment has NO right to criticse this. Trump was impeached for "inciting insurrection" when he explicitly called for peace, Biden is having articles of impeachment brought against him for his corruption in Ukraine. The DOJ and FBI have confirmed the authenticity of hunters laptop, as have his own lawyers, the emails have been verified by tony bobulinski who was a receiver of most of them, and the FBI have confirmed an active investigation into the bidens. There is more evidence for this than either of Trump's impeachments. You set the bar so low you'd have no right to complain if Biden were impeached for sneezing into his hand not his elbow.

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