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US jobless claims surge to 5-month high as workers file 965,000 new applications

US jobless claims surge to 5-month high as workers file 965,000 new applications

American workers filed new 965,000 applications for unemployment benefits last week, the Labor Department said. The figure is 181,000 more than the previous week. This was an unexpected surge as the Covid-19 pandemic kept the labor market under pressure. With the new claims, the total number of Americans who have applied for unemployment aid since the pandemic hit the US has touched 74.8 million.

Doug 2 months

This isn't because of Covid. This is because too many states and cities are bent on lockdowns and imploding their economies. That's man-made paranoia.

coughdrop1989 2 months

I mean who wants to actually "work" when unemployment is paying more per week then what most were making in 2 weeks. People just playing the game aka the system.

America 2 months

Illegal claims and its not being reported on by the MSM? Fraud on a scale we've never seen is going on right now in Illinois. I had someone in Tucson, AZ try and steal my benefits. My mother had someone try and apply for hers and I know numerous other examples just in my close circle. Don't believe? They'll come for yours too. Anything to politicize the numbers even more.

Rocky 2 months

Get ready for the depression when Jim Crow Joe gets the power. The CCP puppet has nothing, but bad intentions for us and China is bracing to take our spot as the superpower. Their media is a wash with stories about how America's collapse is finally here. Nice job letting the establishment install their poster boy for corruption.

Barry 2 months

Christmas is over, everyone is getting laid off again

Shane 2 months

There are other alternatives to mass lockdowns. If the necessary precautions were made for the vulnerable (dedicated store hours & delivery services, promotion of fresh air and outdoor activities, uptake of vitamin d, etc) we wouldn't be in this mess. Many people seem to think the economy is not that important. Either believing that it can withstand years of lockdowns (with which 2008 should safely debunk) and/or that it is secondary to people's health. The thing is, there are dire consequences to the economy collapsing that I don't think people pay too much heed to. Ignoring everything else, there are direct health consequences associated with it. So while I agree that our health is most important, it only trumps the economy in my eyes when we have a very serious pandemic (more than what we're currently facing). Covid kills 0.05% of people under 70, according to a study released by the WHO. That's almost 100% of the working population who are safe from it. Mass lockdowns destroy the lives of those very people. So why use it? This is what perplexes me - that every country follows the same seemingly-illogical response. Covid is nasty no doubt. But is it this nasty? I don't think so. As for masks, they're only (possibly) helpful if everyone wore the correct type (medical masks, not those cloth ones that don't work), and wore them correctly. Even at that, masks are not contoured correctly to fit adequately on people's faces. Anyone with glasses knows that much of their breath rises up and out of the gaps at the top. Hence, they're frankly useless imo and the research doesn't back it up either. My country diligently wears them but we're seeing the highest spike in cases right now. So I'm not in favor of them either. I don't think they work. Again, both of these mandated responses that countries are now enforcing are illogical to me. Any countervailing views and/or research is shunned or shut down. Thus the whole situation seems very shady to me. But you can't say that without being "selfish" or "uncaring." I hoped people might see the silliness of it all. But it doesn't look like that will happen. Take what I said whatever way you like. I'm just putting that information out there.

Leonard 2 months

Not rocket science. Why would you want to work when you can make more collecting OBidens unemployment and food stamps. Just hang on the couch and wait for his $15/hr min wage kicks in, then maybe look for a burger flippin job.

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