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Woman being charged for alleged voter fraud

Woman being charged for alleged voter fraud

A woman has been arrested for alleged voter fraud and vote harvesting. The charges include illegal voting, election fraud, illegally assisting those voting by mail, among other charges. The woman said she knew what she was doing was illegal. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

Ryan 3 months

First story approved ! Election worker.being arrested for voter fraud after being exposed by project veritas. So explain how biden won agian ? How do all the voter irregularities end up only ever benefiting one side ? Edited : this woman took cash from both sides. Both sides are guilty . WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up together and fix this problem.

Eric 3 months

But but but I thought there was no such thing as Election fraud. I thought it was all conspiracy!!!!!!!!

170K 3 months

I like how she messed up so badly she tried to spin it without realizing how deep of a hole she'd already dug.

So 3 months

Demoncrat party fraud and the stolen election that demoncrats arranged.

snarley 3 months

"Founded in 2010, Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded James O'Keefe. However, the group has often being accused of deliberately spreading misinformation online through its questionable information-gathering tactics applied during the undercover sting operations." Found in an article about the very same story. She did nothing other than talk people out of voting for Trump. Its odd though, how no one seems to think it bad if people forcefully attempt to do so in the name of Trump.

David 3 months

Did you all even read the article? These were Republicans committing voter fraud. Just like the very few other cases where actual fraud happened.

Alex 3 months

ThErEs nO eViDeNcE oF eLeCtIoN fRaUd

Seekster 3 months

Now find me one in Georgia and you will have something.

So 3 months

Garrett 3 months

You found one case in TX, where Trump won. C’mon man.

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