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Army troops lie on US Capitol floor raising concerns

Army troops lie on US Capitol floor raising concerns

Congress leaders called on the US Army to send cots and other equipment for National Guard troops who have been sleeping on the floor in the halls of the Capitol since a week. In a letter to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, Reps. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Betty McCollum said they were disappointed by images of soldiers resting in the open spaces inside the Capitol Rotunda and elsewhere.

Jeffff 2 months

This is the stuff that bothers me about Trump's presidency. He has soldiers staying at the capital and ZERO efforts made to accomodate them, especially during the pandemic. Sleeping on the floor? In piles? "Its their job to, they took an oath" blah blah. Yes, yes they do and they did, but Trump is taking and has constantly took advantage of their oaths. Especially if he ever asks them to break them. Could have brought in means to prepare hot food, sleep well, possibly surfaces to eat at or maintain their gear on. He's had all week. Absolutely disappointing.

Marvin 2 months

Cots they won't even have bullets be fore long

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

Wutz the problem Ivanka? You miss being yer pa's "work wife?"

Howard 2 months

I thought Trump rebuilt our crumbling and frankly very poorly managed military?

Viviko 2 months

These politicians have big houses enough to give these troops a decent place to sleep. Open your doors Pelosi. Let these men have a decent place to stay.

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