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Trump administration links Xiaomi with Chinese military

Trump administration links Xiaomi with Chinese military

The Trump administration has today stated that the Chinese tech company Xiaomi has links to the Chinese military and has stopped any trading between them and the USA

C 2 months

Since communism owns everything every business in China goes to support that repression. Everything we buy that is made in China goes to support a government that is repressive, unrepresentative, unaccountable and unelected and unchosen by the people they suppress.

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 months

Don't you mean "banlist" or "denylist?"

Doug 2 months

It doesn't matter. CCP Joe is going to take them all off the blacklist.

Franklin 2 months

Chump Confused: Chinese Government/Industry working together...

Arthur 2 months

Its about time! Ban all Chinese goods until the ccp is eliminated!

Outlaw 2 months

Pretty much anything Trump says is bad, is good Soo.... Solar panels, windmills, and Xiaomi must be good! I'm catching on.

Montgomery 2 months

Bidens handlers will get him to reverse it next week

Toni 2 months

Biden’s socialism is alive & well. Biden’s next trick is to inviteCCP to WH.

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