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Pence vows to ensure safe inauguration of new president

Pence vows to ensure safe inauguration of new president

VP Pence on Thursday vowed to uphold American history and ensure a safe transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden. Pence said Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris would be sworn in on Jan. 20 ’in a manner consistent with our history and our traditions, and in a way that gives honor to the American people and the United States.’

Tom A
Tom A
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Pelosi set a record for fastest impeachment in the country's history, wonder if she'll be able to get 25th amendment proceedings going on Joe in under a week?

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 3 months

Why even say that? Why would it not be peaceful and orderly ? And the optics of turning WDC into an armed camp of 25k military and police does not say much for Bidens popularity or for the so called craddle of Democracy and its capitol. Many Presidents were sworn in in the past, many had threats made against them yet I never remember such a display of mil. force in the nations capitol except for days and weeks after 9-11. Are media and politicians trying to equate the 9-11 terrorist attacks where 3000 dies to the one WDC demonstration which a small minority of demonstrators turned violent? Most of them have already been cought or identified and any new threat appears minimal and on the order of historical norms.

Tyler 3 months

I am just glad we are getting rid of the first ever flaming hot Cheeto, president Trump. I find it hilarious, that the 45th single handedly lost everything that the Republican Party worked so hard for.

TomandDaydie 3 months

It you need 20000 military troops to protect your inauguration from the people. Maybe you weren't elected by the people.

Aleks 3 months

Donald you got kicked from Twitter already what are you doing here.. don’t you have more important stuff to do? Like packing your stuff so you can move to Mar al Lago?

Billy 3 months

Who would have thunk it? Pence is a decent person. I am so glad. Those who support Trump will surely live to regret. You reap what you sow.

jon 3 months

The very fact Biden and Harris are even getting sworn in does not honor the US's history or traditions, but whatever. Pence ended his political career by doing what he did, so anything he has to say on the matter is irrelevant.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Perhaps best tweet I've seen recently: With 20,000 troops in DC Potato's inauguration crowd could swell to as many as 20,003 people. (

Tiffany 3 months

What is Pence thinking? I'm not sure what or who made him switch? I really have no clue 😳🤷

Doug 3 months

This was said by Pence so you know its all just a big steaming pile of...

Frank 3 months

Pense because Trump can't

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

P_u_t_z can vow anything he wants. he What's it to him? His political life is thankfully over.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

I hope the Proud bois get their "Kent State Moment...." and sooooon! Rush to martyrdom.

Bryan 3 months

Your smart Pence!✊ Play it good. 2024 is headed your way if you want it.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

Is it BoogaLOONs to the rescue or will they just be martyred after being target practice targets for the National Guard?

happy 3 months

That's disappointing. Considering all the Democrats have done this last year...

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 months

Quiet brand

Trevelyn 3 months

It will not happen as long as there are Democrats in the room .They are dangerous .

Cory 3 months

Pence is a zero.

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