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Q Shaman, who stormed US Capitol, wants presidential pardon from Trump

Q Shaman, who stormed US Capitol, wants presidential pardon from Trump

Jacob Chansley, aka Q Shaman and Jacob Angeli, who stormed with the US Capitol wearing a fur costume along with other supporters of President Donald Trump wants the president to pardon him. Representing him, his attorney, Al Watkins, said Chansley, 33, was acting on Trump’s invitation on January 6. Watkins said, ’The words and invitation of a president are supposed to mean something.’

Jay 2 months

I came to NewsVoice to read neutral opinions or real investigative sourced journalism! NewsVoice has neither! This platform will be a sinking ship like twatter , gaagle and Youdoomed! NewsVoice has become very unfair to the readers that built their base. These stories that are posted are gossip like the “National Enquirer” published back in the day. NewsVoice should at least mandate drug testing before they hire and random testing to current employees!

Eric 2 months

Sorry bruh, Trump didn’t invite you to storm into the capital building. If you were really a follower of Trump you would have been listening to him speaking instead of storming the Capital.

Seekster 2 months

🤨🙂😀😃😄 Let me get this want the guy whose legacy you just help to ruin to pardon you? 😆😅🤣😂😭

James 2 months

Wouldn't you need to be convicted, not just charged, in order to be eligible for a pardon?

Marcin 2 months

@james. Nope, preemptive pardons are definitely allowed, though they also require an admission of guild. Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon baked that into the cake.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

A criminal being asked to pardon another criminal. How typical of the ratfooooker!

michael 2 months

"I was just following orders". I wonder if the mob ever noticed that trump was absolutely not there with them?

riheg 2 months

So is he ANTIFA or not? Republicans can’t decide

Subarc 2 months

LMFAO! First he claimed he did nothing wrong. Now he wants a pardon for a crime he said he never committed. Not only that, Trump isn't going to pardon any of these people in the next 6 days.

Jack 2 months

Good luck Buffalo Bob.

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