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Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce join hands to curate digital vaccination passports

Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce join hands to curate digital vaccination passports

Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce have joined hands to help curate the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), which will create digital passports to accelerate access to the COVID-19 vaccination. The VCI will include one digitally receiving their immunization records through e-wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Alternatively, one can receive a printed QR code with verifiable credentials.

Donald 2 months

We were called conspiracy theorists for stating these facts a year ago... Here it comes, the entire reason behind it all, shifting names but same tiny group..The Great Reset/,BBBetter, . No surprises left. Get ready 😈

Viviko 2 months

What tge? No. Stop this at once.If you want to do this, go to China. Leave the US alone.

RC 2 months

Yeah, this is the part I don’t like: “Salesforce executive vice president and general manager Bill Patterson said in a statement that the cloud-based software firm looks forward to helping organizations "easily and safely customize all aspects of the vaccination management lifecycle and integrate closely with other coalition members’ offerings, which will help us all get back to public life." I’m all for vaccinations and will probably get a covid vaccine down the road, but now I’ll be required to get one before whatever date so I can get back to “public life?”

jon 2 months

The same companies that brought us mass censorship of dissenting voices banding together to provide us with documents proving we're good little citizens who take shots when ordered to? What could possibly go wrong?

Nautilus 2 months

Welcome to the technocratic dystopia!

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

Here comes the New World Order.

Donald 2 months

I will be creating a system that only accepts people without slaves allowed

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