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DC cop says mob called to ’kill him with his own gun’ during Capitol riot

DC cop says mob called to ’kill him with his own gun’ during Capitol riot

Michael Fanone, a Metropolitan policeman who responded to control the mob at the US Capitol on Jan 6, recalled his horror to CNN when the rioters overpowered him. He said the mob stripped him of his gear, took his ammunition and his badge and dragged him out of the building. During that time, Fanone, 40, said someone screamed: ’Kill him with his own gun.’ He also said he was tased and assaulted.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

I've video from the BLM marches, of the activists chanting, "death to america". At least I've the evidence. This dude just went on record spouting anything the narrative needed him to say. Totally uncreditable, as all a court would need is one person from that part of the protest to totally deny anyone said anything of the sort, and the entire thing becomes Leftist tears in the rain.

EliteWizard407 2 months

Now the media and leftists give a crap about police

Jay 2 months

I came to NewsVoice to read neutral opinions or real investigative sourced journalism! NewsVoice has neither! This platform will be a sinking ship like twatter , gaagle and Youdoomed! NewsVoice has become very unfair to the readers that built their base. These stories that are posted are gossip like the “National Enquirer” published back in the day. NewsVoice should at least mandate drug testing before they hire and random testing to current employees!

Donald 2 months

Hhhhhhmmmmmm i wonder why there was no backup??? 😂😂😂 total LARP. Check out to see more about this, and 'on't forget who bombed the Capitol in the 1980s...only to have thier sentence commuted by Bill Clinton in 2001...uh huh..i wonder 😅

Doug 2 months

So you're threatened by a large menacing crowd and at no point did you draw your weapon to defend yourself? WTF?

Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏
Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏 2 months

You truly have head in the sand if you will fall for this Antifa BLM hollywood acting sh!tshow

MIDESSA 2 months

I hope we as a country can learn from this and move forward. I'm not talking to the foriegn manipulators that post all the really way out there tin hat cr@p trying to stoke the tempers of the few Americans that are left that still haven't figured out yet they been swindled by a guy that's spent his entire life swindling. Politics by its nature are disingenuous at best. Politicians are aware of the fact that regardless of what they know to be best for America they must concede to their base voters opinions or get voted out. Ask yourself this, does your Hope's for government change include a better life for all or just a diverse group of ones who either look like you or shares your theological beliefs? This is the weight standard I try to use when navigating thru the political bs. Am I wrong? Is one secular group be more deserving than another simply becouse of their station @ birth?

Aleks 2 months

Stop defending the indefensible you look bad at every turn. The riot was a shameful display by a mob of gullible people that believed Donald’s lies and 6 people died... .. and don’t even start with your what about this what about that... Just stop it

Glen 2 months

You notice he went to CNN. That there is enough to tell you this story is bogus. Be probably working for some liberial organization.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Ggggeee those right wing ppl are looking awfully friendly lol. Scum of the earth is what they are.

William 2 months

It's kinda funny law enforcement being subjected to their own tactics and the same things were said in Wisconsin And washington, sadly our government is bought and paid for

chris 2 months

Stripped of weapon, ammo, and badge. Atleast barney fife could keep all of those things. I don't feel sorry for it at all

Seekster 2 months

In the summer and fall of 2020 there were protests based on a lie that were mostly peaceful but was turned into a riot by violent turds. In January 2020 there was a protest in Washington DC based on a lie that was mostly peaceful but was turned into a riot by violent turds.

VanDutch42 2 months

Incoming “BuT WhaT AbOuT aNtiFa?!” comments from the trump cultists.

happy 2 months

I think we need to blame the media and the democrats for inciting this kind of violence these last 8 months...

Elaine 2 months

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities - Voltaire

Phoenix 2 months

Sounds like Antifa agitators.

Jack 2 months

Individually responding as enforcement to ANY mob is simply stupid behavior.

Mike 2 months

Sounds just like antifa all summer. They are on video literally dozens of times this past summer saying exactly that.

Alana 2 months

Thin Blue line stuff. Law and Order folks.

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