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Poland plans to make censoring of social media accounts illegal

Poland plans to make censoring of social media accounts illegal

Polish government officials have denounced the deactivation of Donald Trump’s social media accounts, and said a draft law being readied in Poland will make it illegal for tech companies to take similar actions there.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 3 months

We as US citizens should be the ones telling Facebook Twitter and any others that we won't tolerate censorship. Everyone should shut down their accounts and then they would get the message. I don't use either facebook or Twitter. This is the only forum I use and that may stop if I'm not allowed to post what I think.

Mutatis 3 months

"Sebastian Kaleta, secretary of state at Poland’s Ministry of Justice, said Facebook’s decision to remove Trump’s account was hypocritical, politically motivated and “amounts to censorship”. He said the draft law prepared by the justice ministry would make it illegal for social media companies to remove posts that did not break Polish law. “Removing lawful content would directly violate the law, and this will have to be respected by the platforms that operate in Poland,” Kaleta told Rzeczpospolita newspaper" Well that is quite the step. It makes one wonder why the US, which actually has freedom of speech baked into its constitution, did not implement such a premise first.

Martin 3 months

In before ''bake the cake''. Every business is different. Big tech multi national corporations play a huge role in our modern society. It has already created extreme polarising politics. If you take free speech away then it all goes down hill from there.

Flitch 3 months

Problem I'm seeing with this, is Facebook will likely just isolate Poland. Polish posts for polish people. But atleast they are standing up to silicon valley.

Barry 3 months

Notice the giant loophole there.. "He said the draft law prepared by the justice ministry would make it illegal for social media companies to remove posts that did not break Polish law." "Other crimes include offending religious feeling (punishable with up to two years in prison); insulting the Polish nation or state (a different offence from showing contempt for the nation, and one that carries up to three years’ imprisonment); and humiliating constitutional organs of the state (up to two years in prison) or insulting a public official (up to one year in prison). Another crime, insulting the president (which can land the perpetrator behind bars for up to three years)"

michael 3 months

I tried to post a suggestion to twitter what trump should do with his life. I was banned. Trump should face exactly the same consequences as I for breaching terms of service. Unless you intend to repeal corporate person-hood and raise corporate taxes so they stop having this power, this is the consequence of defining posters as essentially guests of a corporate server owner.

Miłosz 3 months

We just has a new Polish "freedom of expression" social platform... And they became notorious for instantly banning some famous social media figures who wanted to check it out. So much for this 🤣

Andreas 3 months

Antirht one of the populistic and opportunistic government who fear that this could happen to them as well due to the lies they propagated.

Trevelyn 3 months

This is a country who gets how important free speech is. Unlike people in America who have forgotten or never was educated on it .

Shane 3 months

This may work in Poland but hate speech laws are on the horizon in a number of EU countries. Such a law would corrupt the concept of free speech to the point where social media platforms will have full power of censorship again. Protection of free speech by law is the fundamental prerequisite to protection against censorship. Without it, censorship will flourish

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 3 months

Go Poland!

bobby_5150 3 months

Social media should be labeled as a Public Utilities.

Seekster 3 months

Poland does another awesome.

Darknimbus3 3 months

Once again, Poland has the right idea...

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 months

Well seems Poland knows how to support free speech.

Jefferson 3 months


Eric 3 months

Poland and Mexico leading the way.

edwin 3 months

Wow. Poland is actually doing a better job on the free speech front than the US... go figure.

Glen 3 months

I haven't heard one liberial say what Twitter did was wrong. Is anyone surprised?

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