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Democrats question whether Capitol rioters had inside help

Democrats question whether Capitol rioters had inside help

An increasing number of Democrats have raised concerns about pro-Trump groups spotted inside the Capitol complex days before a mob invaded the building last week. Many Democratic leaders have expressed shock that members of the mob were able to find offices of top Democratic leaders, including an unmarked, third-floor office used by House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

Tom A
Tom A
is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

“The visiting groups’ members, she said, were bedecked in Trump gear: Trump campaign shirts, red-white-and-blue scarves with Trump’s name on it and numerous “Make America Great Again” baseball caps that, collectively, resembled “a beehive of red hats.” “It shocked me to see that because nobody was supposed to be in those buildings,” Torres told The Hill on Thursday. “And certainly not in that area, the sub-basement, where you have access to the garage. You know, it goes right into where members and staff park.” Among one unescorted group that Torres saw were visitors who were using their phones to shoot what appeared to be a video panning across a row of members’ offices, including one visitor who “walked right up to a member's nameplate.” Very suspect. I saw a video of a woman screaming specific directions from a megaphone to MAGA rioters from outside the Capitol. How did she know these directions, she was not even in the Capitol? An investigation needs to take place and those who were complicit need to be punished.

Josh 2 months

Inside from the left yes

Forsaken 2 months

Someone had to tell the Proud Boys to no longer stand by.

D 2 months

You should know fancy, it was your side who did the damage as in all demps areas.

Jimmy 2 months

She's the inside leak when can we impeach her and the rest of her cronies

Viviko 2 months

They did. These politicians are wasting money and time looking for the culprits. They need only to look at the mirror.

Jon 2 months

Because nobody could have walked through the capitol building without an insider.

Aaron 2 months

I am sure the LEFT reteric inside our government and legal system could of had something to do with the pot boiling over.

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