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Xavier 1 months

Just throwing this out there, but without socialist ideas, the US wouldn’t have: 1. the standard 8 hour workday (meaning you could work 100hrs/week and your employers wouldn’t have to pay you overtime) 2. Standardized free K-12 education. Now I’m not saying it’s the best, obviously other countries are bending us over their knee in this regard, but I’m sure a majority of people reading this wouldn’t have been educated otherwise. 3. Federally backed up banks. Like how in the Great Depression, all the people who tried to pull their money out of the bank and couldn’t bc it failed- yeah, this was in response to that. 4. Child work illegalized. Like, literally before these “scary socialist” policies were implemented, y’all likely would’ve been a bunch of kids being worked to death in a coal mine or something for the chance at seeing a couple pennies. 5. Unemployment benefits. There’s literally almslt 1 Mil people in the US workforce currently unemployed. If there wasn’t some sort of net to catch these people, a sheer majority would be on the streets right now which wouldn’t exactly mesh well with the American imagine. Socialism (in certain aspects of society and the economy) is the way to protect the purity of the American society and the more efficient way to achieve patriotic ideals like freedom, security, and democracy.

Barry MC
Barry MC 1 months

Amazon will respond by further escalating their plans to reduce the workforce via automation.

Jellybean 1 months

Unions are fine Until they win the set of concessions from exploitive companies or abusive government the workers initially formed them for. After that necessary work is done continuing formal unions is counterproductive for the worker and company and they end up just serving as a host for parasitic politicians.

IvoryDove 1 months

Since the government is run by the people... Why are most government employees unionized? Seems like we, the people, would be the most generous and caring boss anyone could want... So why are they unionized? Oh ya.. Because unions are all about power for the union bosses and graft is their #1 tool.

Marvin 1 months

You can use the retirement you build when you retire they may not be much social security left,also the life and health inc

Sergio 1 months

This means higher fees

T3hGladiator 1 months

Ugh, unions. It's all fun and games till they take $200+ a month out of your paycheck

John 1 months

It’s definitely a no brainer Union Yes

Alana 1 months


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