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Facebook blocks new events around DC and state capitols

Facebook blocks new events around DC and state capitols

As a precaution against coordinated violence ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, Facebook announced new measures. The company said that it would block any events slated to happen near the White House, the U.S. Capitol or any state capitol building through Wednesday. Facebook will apparently also be putting new restrictions in place for US users who repeatedly break the rules.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 4 months

But Kim Jung and ANTIFA is still on Facebook... Proving once and for all that this has nothing to do with perceived violence and everything to do with political positioning

__K__ 4 months

How very surprising that they're doing this now but didn't do anything when the democrats mobs were festering outside the White House back in May and tried to get President Trump murdered.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 4 months

This is not Facebook's job. Either allow everyone to speak or no-one. Provided the speech does not violate any laws.

Xavier 4 months

I keep hearing this “BLM is burning down cities” trope which is weird when estimates of the damage done over the course of the ENTIRE movement are between 1-2Bil (and there’s some some cases currently being investigated that showed undercover police or far-right people instigating/causing some of this) but for arguments sake let’s assume this was 100% done by the BLM participants. This is dwarfed by the roughly 250Mil-300Mil paid out by misconduct settlements paid out by the NYPD every single year, and that’s literally in only 1 city. I couldn’t find an exact amount of how much police settlements cost tax payers on average cumulatively across the US but something tells me it’s a slightly bigger problem than the BLM protests. On a side note, the sensitive, triggered snowflakes that make that claim are ironically the same people who whine about the news “dividing us” and fear mongering. But hey, that’s the feels over reals party afterall.

Andromeda 4 months

And they reckon people won't just use codenames as dissident groups have used for pretty much all of the history of civilisation.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 4 months

I very much doubt, given the level the number of guard, any will turn up. It is one thing to use your weapon against a kid with a packet of skittles but an armed soldier might make them think twice.

Trevelyn 4 months

Facebook does it because he want to be God .

Toni 4 months

You all voted socialism in, 🍀

godhillie 4 months

Big Tech is the real enemy of all Americans!

John 4 months

Has Pelosi called for marshal law yet; it follows, to contain the rioters?

Tom 4 months

Blm and antifa have been behind most of the violence in the democrat cities but the police have just turned a blind eye

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 4 months

By blocking everything, people will simply use other means and FB and others won't even know about it. Makes the spying so much harder.

martti 4 months

WTH, GAB is up and they do not silence anybody. FB censors, FB may go now.

Glen 4 months

This is how you eliminate half your clientele.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 4 months

Facebook is facism of the digital age.

Tom 4 months

Blm and auntie are behind most of the violence in America and it has been for the last 6-months

Eric 4 months

I’m sure glad they didn’t do this when cities across the country were burning.

Mike 4 months

China has taught them well.

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