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Biden to face difficulties in US foreign policy following Trump’s presidency

Biden to face difficulties in US foreign policy following Trump’s presidency

President-elect Joe Biden is planning on scrapping Trump’s vision of ’America First’ in favor of ’diplomacy first’. However, the success of this will depend on whether or not the incoming President is able to regain the trust of allies and convince them that Trumpism is just a blip in the annals of U.S. foreign policy. This could be tough since Trump’s policies have reportedly alienated allies.

Tom A
Tom A
Viviko 2 months

Hahaha! This is funny. News flash: Obama started all these riots. Remember all the bs after every Media-sensationalized shooting? “If I had a son, he md look like Trayvon”. Followed by the fact that OBAMA was the President that approved the use of military equipment by police forces. Remember Furgison? And, Obama is a good example of a leader, according to Biden? LMAO. The media a joke.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Biden isn't aiming to do anything beyond read the words that show up on the teleprompter in front of him. The puppet masters have an agenda and it is pro-globalist and anti-American. There are 660 days until we can fix this mess (or at least get started fixing it).

Just Keep Scrolling
Just Keep Scrolling 2 months

If any President actually wanted to reshape what the presidency means, they would seek to neuter executive power. The President was never intended to be a king, but ever since 911, more and more power is granted to that office, by both parties. Eventually, there WILL be someone with totalitarian desires and by then, he'll have been given all the free reign through executive powers to do so.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Um...... is this supposed to be a good thing?

Bryan 2 months

Joe?Really? C'MON MAAAANN!!!You can't even put your own words into shape.🤪

chris 2 months

What? Pushup contests if you disagree with Sleepy joe?

Nunya 2 months

After his nap of course. Get Joe his meds, he wants to incoherently mumble something.

Aaron 2 months

What a dog face pony rider. Man

poopy 2 months

That’s how a “right leaning” paper editorializes??? Sooo newsvoice is garbage too.

Aaron 2 months

What a bunch of malarkey.! Man

SD 2 months

Did any reasonable people expect Biden to maintain the same wacko trajectory Trump put us on?

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