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Conflict strikes between migrants and Honduran forces in Guatemala

Conflict strikes between migrants and Honduran forces in Guatemala

Friday night in Guatemala witnessed a conflict between migrants and Honduran security forces as a large crowd of illegal travelers attempted to cross the border. The Associated Press brought to the front a migrant’s opinion, ’We are going to leave the country, to ask for help wherever they receive us.’ Authorities detained hundreds of migrants ’including families with young children.’

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

Going to be interesting to see how a Biden administration will deal with this. With COVID running rampant in the US are they just going to let them in? This will be the first test to see if they will now stand by their “open borders” pledge or will they simply carry on as usual and keep the caravan from crossing? I doubt the media will cover this in any meaningful way if they revert to a business as usual stance with Trump out of the White House? Or do the recognize that open borders is extremely unpopular outside of far left radical circles?

Jim Bulger
Jim Bulger 2 months

Just in time for the inauguration. Who could have predicted something like this?

chris 2 months

Where do you think they got all of those mail in ballots?

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