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Migrant caravan calls on Biden administration to honor ’commitments’

Migrant caravan calls on Biden administration to honor ’commitments’

A migrant caravan moving from Honduras toward the US border is calling on Biden administration to honor what it says are ’commitments’ to the migrants moving north. More than 1,000 Honduran migrants moved into Guatemala on Friday, hoping for a warmer reception when they reach the US border. Biden has promised to reverse many of Trump’s policies on border security and immigration.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 months

Can you say Tsunami coming? Dems and Wall street love it. Hard working people trying to get a raise- not so much.

Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 2 months

Isn't "Biden's commitment" to the US, not Honduras? I'm for legally immigrating, but there has to be some human trafficking going on here.

dan 2 months

"calling on Biden administration to honor what it says are ’commitments’ " there's going to be a lot of disappointed people who don't follow history in the next 4 yrs

tim 2 months

CCP virus will no longer be a issue on Wednesday. The wall will be down by Thursday. Economy will be up in full Friday. Saturday ANTEFA will be honored with monuments across the country. Sunday we all will rest.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 2 months

Our legal immigration system is messed up. It's strange how the party who claims to be the intelligent one constantly advocates for making the legal system more messed up by adding illegal aliens into the mix. They're building a wall around Capitol Hill, by this logic the Democrats have welcomed all of the uninvited guests. Think of all the money they could have made via the gift shop.

Glen 2 months

Demacrats are licking their chops, 30 million new votes. Illegals beefing up their party.

Julian 2 months

There’s nothing better than watching an authoritarian, leftist, covid freak defend illegal immigration while also supporting lockdowns

kinG 2 months

Has anyone else noticed this is the first talk about caravans since Trump gave up on his wall?? (What did happen to that wall? 🤔 He ran his whole campaign on that wall and did''t even accomplish it. Did mexico pay for ANY of the wall? )

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Here's the plan... We will annex Mexico and Cuba and grant them statehood and we will add Puerto Rico as a state. Then we will formally subjugate all the countries from southern Mexico to the Panama Canal, and begin the process of working them into state hood as well. This will allow us to rename the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Washington. Then we will turn our eyes northward. We will simply purchase Canada with Corona virus stimulus money. And of course we're going to buy Greenland. And we're taking Iceland also because we're already here. So now the stars and stripes flys from the Panama Canal to the northern tip of Greenland. What an accomplishment for Joe Biden!

Wendy 2 months

1. EVERYONE in this country is an immigrant... except, of course,NATIVE Americans. 2. Take your jobs?!? Doubt it..they perform @ jobs you hateful ppl. DON'T WANT. 3. They don't use services... whites do. They become tax the stats...oh, don't read & think for yourselves.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Until OUR unemployment is under 2% we do NOT need an invading horde of 0 skills low IQ that can't even speak ENGLISH. STAY OUT KEEP OUT by ANY means necessary.

Wendy 2 months

Notice of course, the usual suspects reported this...(R) Wing Media... dog-whistling & inflaming the gullibles... always.

170K 2 months

So considering there is a supposed extremely deadly virus that we must all isolate and segregate for health reasons and some idiots think it's a good idea to move 1000 potential covid carries to the US.

Gloria 2 months

Fox News is saying this, because Biden is president now. So they are looking for trouble when Biden take over. Trump has so much trouble with immigration, from separating children's from there parents, putting people's in cages, from not returning children's to their parents. A lot of immigrants children's and adults died on Trump watch. But I think U.S. have learn from Trump mistakes.

IvoryDove 2 months

Has Twitter defined "caravans of migrants" to be "disinformation" yet?

Nunya 2 months

More like 6000

IvoryDove 2 months

Impeachment time. Making "commitments" to foreign citizens in exchange for campaign support... Seems like we need to #Impeach46

Leviathan 2 months

More slaves to keep Democrats in power!

poopy 2 months

How is it that the American president is promising foreigners anything??

Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson 2 months

Go back and come in the right way.

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