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’Free Speech’ social apps and private messengers top app stores

’Free Speech’ social apps and private messengers top app stores

Apps that state to support free speech, including Gab, MeWe, CloutHub and other privacy-focused rivals to big tech, are topping the app stores following the recent ban on President Trump from platforms like Facebook, Twitter. The surge to these apps has also followed the more recent removal of Parler from the App Store and Google Play.

Tom A
Tom A
Nomis 2 months

Gab is a great platform and dissenter opens up all web pages to comment even if those pages do not wish it. Twitter should clean its own house before making comment on alternative sites.

StanTheMan42069 2 months

Every platform that operates on free speech is going to be toppled by big tech. Parler was just the start. Section 230 ring any bells.

AD C 2 months

Oh look, another social media start up is getting labeled as "Alt-Right" by the tech oligopoly. Honestly, can we acknowledge that even if they wanted to, these up and coming new social medias ussualy don't even have the resources to moderate as heavy handely as Google, Facebook, and Twitter?

K. 2 months

Gab is for Q-anon nonsense and not for true Americans. The sensible Republicans have learned from the last week. Never been prouder to be Independent!

Andrain 2 months

They censor the content they wish to censor there. I have no desire to go back.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2 months

I'm just hoping that they don't remember IRC or Mastodon

Chris 2 months

I read the cnn article and the title is not reflecting anything about the content. I am also on gab and haven't seen any hate speech, go figure (propaganda maybe)?

Jackson 2 months

Fun fact: Parler bans people with left wing opinions!

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