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Impeaching Trump again was a wrong move: Arkansas Governor

Impeaching Trump again was a wrong move: Arkansas Governor

Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansas has said that he believes it was wrong for the House to impeach President Trump for a second time. Mr. Hutchinson, who was a House impeachment manager during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, criticized both President Trump’s rhetoric about November’s election as well as the House’s decision to impeach him.

Tom A
Tom A
michael 2 months

What other option were Dems given? What other avenue of punishment did they have? This is a man who violated the emoluments clause on day one, he should have been impeached right after he did that. He should not have been allowed to run without revealing his taxes. This man is a criminal and he NEEDS to be punished for his criminal acts. Trump unequivocally gave aid and comfort to the rioters. Something he never offered the peaceful BLM protests.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

What a shame Project Veritas won"t have the CNN conference call for Jan. 21. What the heck will they talk about then, maybe Trump's golf scores...

😁 X ✌
😁 X ✌ 2 months

It's a right thing to do ✌

Deborah 2 months

As a needs to resign if he thinks impeachment is wrong. I think impeachment doesn't go far enough for the act of treason against the Constitution, the American flag, and this country. Those who follow the lead of the Orange traitor, should be charged as traitors as well.

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