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Lindsey Graham urges Chuck Schumer not to hold impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham urges Chuck Schumer not to hold impeachment trial

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), in a letter to the incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), urged him to not hold an impeachment trial in the chamber once President Trump leaves office because it would only ’incite further division’ and delay the nation’s ’healing.’ ’We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great nation if we do otherwise,’ warned Graham.

Tom A
Tom A
IvoryDove 2 months

From Politico "Trump for months falsely claimed the presidential election was stolen from him because of widespread voter fraud... " Journalism 1A... The word "falsely" is inappropriate and actually false. The word should be removed because there has been no definitive proof that the election was fair or stolen. No trial has been done. No impartial investigation. Only assertions, denials, and refusal by the courts to hear evidence. It's this kind of "reporting" that undermines confidence in the media.

John 2 months

Seriously Mr. Gram? Are you still a puppet or can you stand on your two balls and be a man.

Jon 2 months

He's worried about division? I love how the bootlicker waits 3 days before inauguration to say stop the division. These people think you are dumb and you people that support people like him ARE DUMB. AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣😭

michael 2 months

We need to have punishment. We will remain divided regardless. Republicans will be angry if trump finally faces consequences. Democrats will be angry if he doesn't. And trump being allowed access to intel reports is one of the reasons we stopped getting cooperation from our allies, as trump is seen as a security threat. The only thing dividing our nation is how often republicans say "accountability will divide our nation" Can I try this in court? "Your honor, even though I convinced the local hoodlums to trash the house of my business rival, I think that punishing me will just divide our community"

Jon 2 months

Republicans love law and order...minus accountability or consequence...for their own white supremacists...

kamal 2 months

The nerve of this lying sicko. Division is all this guy did in the last 4 years. His ass must go to jail too.

earl 2 months

Nah. That would just make people more angry and divided about the lack of accountability.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

Of course the bootlicker needed headlines

Dorien 2 months

Never listen to this spineless Trump sycophant !

Nerd Sunnygirl
Nerd Sunnygirl 2 months

Thanks, Mr Graham

m 2 months

Lindsey is right

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