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Shamura 1 months

Who the f cares about this? There is so much in Egypt and other places that would rewrite history and change humanitys view on itself dramatically, but that the public have no access to. The pyramids are not grave chambers, but electric generators and dispersers. Not even egyptian, as you literally find them everywhere, with the Bosnian being the biggest known pyramid. Some pyramids are even under water, having being constructed before the sea levels rose during the last ice age. The sphynx is 10x's of times older than the historically accepted narrative. Geology points to this as the foundation has massive water erosion caused by heavy, steady rainfall over an extended period of time, and it's a long time since Egypt had that. Civilization is not linear, but cyclical like everything else in the world. We have had many civilizations before us, before christianity, before rome, before the greeks, mesopotamians and sumerians, before the ice age and way back.

Zachary 1 months

I'd be both impressed and excited if it had more bronze age collapse information.

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