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Reforms needed if Parler to return on App Store

Reforms needed if Parler to return on App Store

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has claimed that reforms are required to be done on how Parler, the social network popular among conservatives, moderates posts, in order for it to return on the App Store. Following the attack on the US Capitol on the 6th of January, all downloads of the Parler app were suspended by Apple. Postings on the platform were said to be capable of inciting violence.

Robert_Clearwater 3 months

Internet bill of rights, no ToS may hamper free speech. The first amendment is more than a textual document, it is a philosophical belief in the basic human right of freedom of expression. Who am I if I cannot dissent?

cam s
cam s 3 months

We need to make sure Facebook and Twitter get destroyed for their support of terrorists and violence and for their acting as a platform for terrorism and violence

coughdrop1989 3 months

The multiple threads on Twitter talking about burn this b**** down with months of civil unrest isnt inciting violence? This is just big tech pushing its own agenda.

Got Truth
Got Truth 3 months

I hope Parlor chooses never to return to Apple as well as Google play. If this has taught free thinking folks anything, its not to trust Big Tech and its time to build a new free internet. If not, technocracy dictatorship with thought police will very soon control everything as they have proven to be more powerful than governments. I'm willing to PAY PARLOR NOW, TAKE MY MONEY!

cam s
cam s 3 months

Fuck tim cook and apple..and google.. il be moving to Linux phones....and soon as I get root on my Droid I'm de googling use duck duck go people...fuck google... use brave browser

Katherine 3 months

We should all be able to be on all social media platforms with everyone. That's how we learn and grow. We shouldn't demonize one another. We should put aside our diffeences and focus on our common grounds and not what divides us. There is room for left and right thinking and opinion.

Scott 3 months

It’s sad people think being able to plot to cause harm to others is their right and should be protected by the constitution. Let’s take a Muslim protesting app that plans to hold an armed protest of religious freedoms at the capitol that then turned into the group attacking the capitol and killing at least 5 people in the chaos. You conservatives would not only ban the app but you’d also try to ban Muslim worship in America and try to ban them from coming to America and probably start attacking them on the streets. It’s a sad time to call yourself American.

Goi 3 months

Bugger off Apple.

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