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Dershowitz: Impeaching Trump after presidency is ’plainly unconstitutional’

Dershowitz: Impeaching Trump after presidency is ’plainly unconstitutional’

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said the impeachment of Trump, post-presidency, would go against the Constitution. ’The Constitution is very clear. The subject, the object, the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president,’ he said and gave the example of former President Nixon who resigned in the anticipation of impeachment but was not impeached after he left the office.

Tom A
Tom A
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Democrats placing this disgusting blemish on the history of the United States should face removal from office if not jail. They clearly show they do not care about the people suffering from the lockdown. They do not care about the constitution as they pursue frivolous impeachments and trample the 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment will be next. And their false narrative of violent sedition forebodes a Patriot Act 2.0 to create a surveillance state. Lol, maybe got a little carried away there... must have grabbed a black pill instead of a red one.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 2 months

Deranged-o-witch should stick to what he can do best.... wait, what is that? He can't really do anything? Maybe he should get himself one of those rooms in Bellevue, soft walls preferably.

James G.
James G. 2 months

Just wanted to point out that 4 of the 6 links do not match the title nor description of this article. I forgive Newsvoice for AI generated articles, but the moment a title and description get added I expect a bit better than this... That being said, you (probably) can’t impeach someone out of office. You can however try and arrest them for crimes they have committed. EDIT: There is now only 1 link, which at least matches the title and description, but that’s it.

Subarc 2 months

He needs to be convicted, he has already been impeached! If convicted the citizens of the US won't have to pay him a pension for the rest of his life and won't have to supply security for the rest of his life. He has committed crimes that Republicans would have never put up with from a Democrat. If you deny that, you are denying reality. If you still back Trump after all he has done you are just being willfully ignorant.

Jack 2 months

If that slimeball gets off without impeachment and concludes the 100+ pardons for criminals on his side; we’re all eligible for a $200k tax relief to offset his parasitic uselessness.

Doug 2 months

But the Dems don't care. The Constitution and what it means is strictly up to them. Now get back to paying them your higher taxes and shut up.

Patty 2 months

He makes perfect sense

Ranger 2 months

Check the history it’s not unconstitutional go get a massage from a non adult

michael 2 months

I agree, call the senate back and just get it done.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 2 months

Another one link story with irrelevant links filling in.

Glen 2 months

First of all, liberal's do not believe in the constitution.

Lame Name
Lame Name 2 months

All of it is a joke. He didn't do anything wrong. What I'm amazed by is how fast congress has been able to move and how much work has been done over this but for months during covid we couldn't get them to do anything to help the country. Just shows they are only there to further their own. Interests and not thosw of the people.

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