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China reports its economy grew 2.3% percent in 2020

China reports its economy grew 2.3% percent in 2020

China has reported its economy grew 2.3% in 2020 compared to a year earlier, with the final quarter seeing a growth of 6.5%. The figure makes China the only major economy in the world with positive growth last year. Industrial production was a big driver of China’s growth, jumping 7.3% in Dec from a year earlier. The growth came despite an economic slump of 6.8% in the 1st 3 months of 2020.

ttocsick 2 months

Imagine that. It's all by design. Lets thank our Democrat and establishment Republican friends for the fleecing of America while empowering our biggest economic competitor, and even worse, our biggest military threat. We've been sold out again by the people who keep getting reelected over and over again. *Term limits for Congress and lifetime judgeships. *Bust up the two party monopoly on the political system. Start with busting up the DNC and RNC. *Ex congressmen and women forbidden to become lobbyists in DC after their service. *Campaign donations by individual only. *STOP VOTING FOR INCUMBENTS.

Pedro 2 months

Of course they say that. They can say anything they want... It is just a made up number! They are bust! Mao 2.0 voila!

Liz 2 months

They should give that money to the children who are now orphans from the because of the disease they created and did not control

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