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FBI vetting National Guard troops in Washington DC amid fears of insider attack

FBI vetting National Guard troops in Washington DC amid fears of insider attack

Amid concerns of a possible insider attack, the FBI is vetting every National Guard member arriving in the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day. An estimated 25,000 guards are expected to be stationed in DC for the inauguration on January 20, at least two and a half times the number for previous inaugurals. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said so far no evidence of any threats has been found.

not you
not you
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

dystopian adjective: relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice. "the dystopian future of a society bereft of reason" noun: a person who imagines or foresees a state or society where there is great suffering or injustice. "a lot of things those dystopians feared did not come true" Just saying...

Not-Illuminati 3 months

I bet moral is low. Just coming in to do your job, don't even have a place to sleep or even sit, and then your bosses are questioning whether or not you're a traitor or not. Are they actively trying to make someone snap?

MrLoseddos 3 months

Lol: All the troops in DC is just a show to try to paint conservatives as terrorists. In line with the narrative. Imagine this kind of effort being taken to stop BLM and antifa from destroying peoples lives during the summer.

Dave 3 months

Political leader wins election under suspicious circumstances. All courts refuse to investigate. Brings in the army to prevent citizens protesting as they take power. America has become Venezuela.

Ver 3 months

The USA is advancing rapidly toward true democracy. A neutral military is not enough : each member must be registered with the President' party. Check private accounts. Suppress dissent. Suspect loyalty always. Welcome to 2021

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Smart move. Unfortunately things have gotten so out of control that the military had to be screened bcs the threats are real. I mean we only saw what I believe will be the beginning of many attacks brought to you by the far right. I hope that on the 20th it will be peaceful.

America 3 months

🤦‍♂️ this is what the money movers want. Nation divided saying the same thing abt each side. Move on already. The narrative is dead. Go apolitical for a year and tell me how it feels.

Doug 3 months

Treating your own troops like jihadis isn't the way to go here. It's a good way to have them turn a blind eye to any legitimate attack. With that said, this is purely a political stunt considering how the FBI is filled with jackbooted political hacks and ceased to be an actual law enforcement agency years ago.

IvoryDove 3 months

Ironically, you can be a member of antifa or BLM in the national guard and you won't be harassed because the EEOC and ACLU will be there to protect you.

Glen 3 months

They didn't have hardly any during the Trump inauguration. Looks like Nazi germany. Putting razor wire around the capital, makes it look like the Demacrats are in fear of the public sector. I guess when you rig an election, this is the result.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

This must be some more of that “unity” Joe Biden was talking about. Of course he also mentioned something about “oatmeal” in the same sentence, still don’t know what to make of that either.

MyVoice 3 months

Trump has radicalised the right just like isis do. He must have had lessons.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Dead ppl can only vote for biden they can't show up to the inauguration. He can't even get 2000 to see him live stream on you tube. His rallies get 40 to 50 ppl tops.

Tiggs 3 months

I don't know know much we used our psychology experts before in government but we are going to need to be tapping into their knowledge and expertise now, on how to move forward with those brainwashed by the conspiracy theories. There is so much imbalance, it is going to take the next four years just to heal them..

Doug 3 months

At just 10 min. per NG member, this would require ~521 person-days.

America 3 months

Whos vetting the FBI.

Robo 3 months

Why is the traitorous FBI allowed to make in the affairs of the NG?

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 3 months

I remember when I served the oath was good enough.

michael 3 months

Good. It's about time the FBI gets fully unleashed against white supremacy.

Angry_Face 3 months

Why such paranoia when you've won the most resounding political victory in your countries history!? The stench of illegitimacy and spiralling paranoia of the Dems is gonna get a lot worse .... circular firing squad

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