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Authorities on alert as pro-gun activists plan to rally in Virginia’s capital

Authorities on alert as pro-gun activists plan to rally in Virginia’s capital

Authorities are currently on alert as gun rights activists are expected to hold a rally in the state capital of Virginia on Monday. The Lobby Day rally in Richmond is an annual event, but this year’s rally comes amid a tense moment in US history, following the deadly Capitol riots in Washington DC almost two weeks ago. The rally has historically been peaceful.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 4 months

Submitted a new description and title. I'm strongly against these far right groups, still, words like "descend on" don't help to maintain objectivity. It's a rally. A demonstration. Not even something special that was done only because of the recent events, but an annual recurrence. It's not a group of enemies, wild animals or barbarians descending on Richmond trying to burn it to the ground, steel everything and rip the flesh of the people. I am against their cause.I think guns should be regulated more and not less in the US. I think there are some quite disgusting people in this movement. But even then... "We" on the left get annoyed by right wing media taking things out of context, exaggerating and dramatizing all the wrong things and using words to turn center left politics into "the communists are coming to destroy our country", we shouldn't than use the exact same tactics. That doesn't help anybody.

E n
E n 4 months

Another group as whining men in terrorist cosplay playing the victim while heavily armed.

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 months

Attn Gunhumperz: Hopefully, your much-sought after martyr moment is coming sooooooon! Hopefully, tomorrow.

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