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Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday: Sources

Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday: Sources

According to media reports, President Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office Tuesday. The White House held a meeting on Sunday to finalize the list of pardons. The actions are expected to include white-collar criminals and political allies, along with some reform-minded pardons.

Michael R
Michael R 1 months

I hope Edward Snowden & Julian Assange will be on that list.

Hayden 1 months

He should pardon all the nonviolent marijuana offenders Harris is responsible for just to dunk on her.

David 1 months

100 is actually a relatively low number for these last day pardons. Obama was over 200. Clinton over 300. W was around 150. Can’t really judge Trump badly for them without also judging every other president.

Blarpus 1 months

Criminals are in charge of the prison. Drain the swamp my a$$.

IvoryDove 1 months

IMHO, the pardon power is intended to "right wrongs" and should be reserved for people who fell through the cracks of our justice system, but like everything else it's become a political tool.

Trevelyn 1 months

I say tell everyone who had a hand in killing President Kennedy .I have a feeling some of them are still in the house and senate .To me I would call that treason .Here's looking at you Pelosi .

Tiggs 1 months

🤔 Be interesting to see who they all are. My first instinct is that every single one of them can do something for him, in DTs eyes they will all owe him now, that is just his character.

Simply Stated
Simply Stated 1 months

He should pardon all the rioters from DC and watch the liberals heads spin off Thier necks. 😂😂

Dorien 1 months

I hope non of those pardons will help those very guilty criminals. The must be convicted!

Stoner Rick MJ-420
Stoner Rick MJ-420 1 months

Next level disgusting. How tf do you justify this...

Mark 1 months

It’s sad to see that Trump supporters will reject any info from any of the sources on this app if it does not fit their opinions. They just try to shut it down with “fake news” and “why haven’t I been polled”. They’ll make general arguments about election fraud without any specific evidence. I tried asking numerous of times for them to give me specific evidence, it’s either factually wrong or they just shy away from it. They excuse trump’s behavior despite how shady it is, small government conservatives giving little accountability to The most powerful office in the world. I’m an independent, I’ll criticize both sides so don’t come with the “but Obama did it....” also how can Christians support him, as a Christian I don’t understand it. My problem isn’t that we have different political beliefs, my issue is that we have different moral standards. Debate about Trump isn’t even about politics anymore, it’s about pride and low moral standards. I supported Trump in 2016, but now I have the humility to admit that I was wrong and that the four years have been a disaster. Trump supporters, I don’t hate y’all, I love my neighbors, which is why I beg you to you to just reconsider what moral standards for the office of the president. I’m not asking you to vote Democrat, I’m just asking you to vote Morally.

Carolinian 1 months

I sincerely hope Mr. Trump pardons Assange. He's a true, first rank, investigative journalist. His being behind bars is the ultimate injustice in the Western world. I hope Mr. Trump can show that he's different from the the Deep State, in this regard, & pardon that hero of a true journalist, Assange.

Shaun 1 months

We all knew pardons were coming, all President’s issue pardons when they leave office. Let’s just see who he pardons.

Michael 1 months

Thank you, Emperor! Send me a pardon and everything will be fine. Like in the old days when Tricky Dick pardoned the commanding officer of the marauders of My Lai after a ridiculously short house arrest. The beacon of democracy wants to teach others how to act? Not no more!!

Nate 1 months

Why does an eye doctor guilty of healthcare fraud need to be released early? Meanwhile my nonviolent weed dealer is serving his full sentence even though he never harmed or defrauded anybody. That isn’t justice

IIzard 1 months

He should pardon Jack Dorsey for pedophilia.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

100 pardons. My guess is a bunch of those are for ppl who raided the capitol building. Not sure when we started pardoning terrorists. Not much of a American if you ask me.

Randy 1 months

Pardon Hunter!

Alan 1 months

Yeah the man for law and order. 1million for a pardon. Any trump supports going to defend this without saying but Obama?

Gerardo 1 months

2million a pop... lol 😂

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