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Trump to hold early morning sendoff ceremony on Biden inauguration day

Trump to hold early morning sendoff ceremony on Biden inauguration day

President Trump is planning an early morning sendoff event for himself at a military airfield in Maryland on Wednesday. The event comes hours before his successor, Joe Biden, is inaugurated as the 46th US president. Invitees to Trump’s event have been told to arrive by 7:15 a.m. at Joint Base Andrews, from where he is expected to fly to his Mar-A-Lago resort aboard Air Force One around 8 am.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocky 2 months

OMG. I hope he runs again in 2024. Best job performance of any president in my lifetime. It would make me so happy to see the left's heads explode. Most votes of any sitting president in history. If they can sort out the voter irregularities and we get a legitimate election he would certainly win especially after a failed term from racist Jim Crow Joe is done.

Dorien 2 months

Trump is a criminal, not yet convicted. Perhaps not by the corrupt Republicans, but certainly later on in Court. Lindsey Graham is just a corrupt sycophant and should be totally ignored. My advice to the Democrats would certainly be to send the Impeachment rules over when McConnell is no longer the majority leader. A grant departure for this criminal out of the White House would be totally improper.

Randall 2 months

And Trump wants to have taxpayers buy him a 21 gun salute, a large crowd, red carpet and a ride to Mar A Lago on Air Force One. Sorry, I don't currently have a link. From what I understand he has to ask President Biden for the use of Air Force One. Also, I thought a 21 gun salute was an honor reserved for dead soldiers. He wants to purchase a large crowd perhaps for an historical photo op? He can keep the red carpet as a souvenir if he and his old lady can carry it.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

I've heard Biden's term referred to as the "Empire Strikes Back" era. Many of us are really excited to hear when "Return of the Jedi" comes out.

con-spiracy lover
con-spiracy lover 2 months

I hope they pretend it’s going to be amazing and instead just hand him an orange jumper and throw him in prison....and have it all televised so we can watch his face well up with tears as he finally faces he lost everything even all the billions he stole from this country

Jon 2 months


Brian 2 months

Thank You Mr President, we haven’t given up on you! Please done give up on yourself and your dreams to MAGA!

Tony 2 months

Good for him! He needs some recognition for all his many achievements!

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

Rat fleeing a sinking ship

Rafael 2 months

Trump has no shame.

Rafael 2 months

Hey trump don't let the door hit you on the way out. Glad to see you gone.

K. 2 months

He’s hilarious he doesn’t have enough respect for the process but he wants to throw himself a party lol. He’s a real piece of work!

Patty 2 months

Right with you Rocky

Jeffff 2 months


Rafael 2 months

Hey rocky You're going to go to your grave living a lie.

Bryan 2 months

See ya when you get back!✊

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