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Telegram ’shut down hundreds of public calls for violence’ in US last week

Telegram ’shut down hundreds of public calls for violence’ in US last week

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said Monday his chat service took down hundreds of public calls for violence last week, in accordance with terms of service. ’Telegram welcomes peaceful debate and protest, but our Terms of Service explicitly prohibit distributing public calls to violence,’ Durov wrote in a blogpost. Durov said that Telegram had seen a spike in violent threats during the past month.

Tom A
Tom A
Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 4 months

talk about the boy who cried this point, I see the phrase "call to violence" and immediately roll my eyes expecting something like "Trump likes puppies!" being the violent topic of conversation. "Attack" is less concerning to me now than "bully" was in the 90s for Pete's sake. What are these twàtwaffles going to say when actually genuinely bad shit happens to them? They've diluted all the words that once described only the worst kinds of pain and suffering. Are they actually so spoiled that they think their cushy, air-conditioned, well fed, hygienic life is hard enough to qualify words like suffering and misery?

jon 4 months

And this "article" wouldn't possibly have anything to do with Telegram now threatening to form actual competition to Whatsapp, would it now? 😊 BTW, the friggi'' Ayatollah of Iran still has a Twitter page and Hama//Fata//Antif//BLM still operate freely on Facebook. Just FYI.

Morbo 4 months

Given the left ties its identity to whatever group its in and considers critism violence against those groups I treat these calls for violence with a barrel of salt. Try again leftwing nutjobs.

Jimmy 4 months

Wow, Telegram must be a cesspool of hatred is all 100 people that use it were calling for violence... They couldn't ban accounts cause then they'd have no one left.

Alex 4 months

Why is this news? Every platform does this.

Corn Pop【Bad Dude】
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】 4 months

use signal, folks.

Jon 4 months

And Twitter didn't. What's your point?

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