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’Theories about stolen election were ’bulls---’,’ Barr told Trump: Report

’Theories about stolen election were ’bulls---’,’ Barr told Trump: Report

Axios reported Monday that former AG Barr reportedly pushed back strongly on President Trump when discussing claims about the election being rigged. Barr, during a meeting with Trump in early Dec., is reported to have told him that such theories were ’bullshit.’ ’These things aren’t panning out’ and ’the stuff that these people are filling your ear with just isn’t true,’ Barr added.

Rocky 2 months

I'll never understand why people believe this nonsense. If the election was so perfect then why are we A) Seeing arrests for widespread voter fraud operations and B) Why wouldn't they just be transparent and allow forensic analysis of the machines and prove it once and for all? Seems to me that it would be easy to do if everything was kosher. When you instead hide the machines, block transparency, ignore evidence and sworn affidavits, and ignore statistically impossible outcomes, you only confirm suspicions and evidence of fraud.

Bradley 2 months

Voter fraud wasn't widespread, no one is arguing that it was. Voter fraud was targeted to key swing states like GA,PA,WI & MI. No one can say whether or not the evidence presented was legitimate because it was NEVER investigated, despite having more evidence then when Dems investigated the whole Russia debacle for 2 years. Anyone claiming definitive proof or claiming there is NO evidence is lying to you. we don't know because the courts didn't look into it. Because their was no investigation, over 68% of Republicans 16% of Democrats and over 30% of independents thought the election was “rigged," This had lead to thousands of people feeling sickened and angered, which is why people stormed Capitol Hill (nothing to do with incitement)... It amazes me how many people are playing dumb with these FACTS

Cameron 2 months

Let the conspiracy theories commence below.

Azshara 2 months

Perhaps if the investigations that were being pushed for in 60 grand juries were actually authorized, then despite the results, this whole controversy could be put to an end.

Doug 2 months

I suppose Axios' source also claims that Barr considered the whole Russiagate hoax, Hunter Biden corruption case, etc. as all bs too seeing as how he didn't do anything at all but talk to Congress and collect a paycheck while he was AG. He was no better than Jeff Sessions and that says a lot.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 2 months

He can spot the bullshit kn this but not the bullshit Trump pulled on literal peaceful protesters so he could get a photo op with him holding a bible upside down? Lol funny.

JC Hagen
JC Hagen 2 months

I use to run campaigns ive whitnessed fraud that swong elections. Ive seen 10 different absentee ballot request being sent to an address with no house in a 3 day period. Ive seen the county dem chairman drive to the poll and vote for the inbaitance of a halfway home. Ive seen meals and gift cards being handed out to people as they leave the polling place. Ive also seen large urban school districts have teach institute days on the monday before elections and then bus the teach union member out to swing districts to campaign on a paid work day. I dont believe there was a national conspiracy per say but there was without a doubt several county size conspiracies, and GOPe types who fear the truth because it will harm the system they are part of.

Aleks 2 months

Get out of your bubble. The only thing that was stolen was your capacity to reason and asses facts. Trump was the most divisive president we ever had. Finished his presidency in disgrace with 29% approval, apparently most of those here on this app...

Trevelyn 2 months

Well we now know why no one from the Democrats ever got prosecuted for crimes .

mike 2 months

It was stolen!!!! They have the proof!!!

Zeb 2 months


Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 months

I don't think our vote really matters to be honest. I mean who really tallies the votes? How can I trust them unless they do it publicly or on a watchable public broadcast camera. They can switch our votes around and no one will ever be the wiser. Even if 100% of the people voted for Trump who is to say they can't just say Biden won? That's why I don't care. They'll get in who they want to get in. People will be payed off. Lives will be threatened. That's how governments operate. Just like how they can get so many good candidates yet they choose the worst ones.

Wuttup 2 months

Barr is a poor excuse for a human.

Sal Rod
Sal Rod 2 months

That's not what he said before.

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